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  • Floor-standing shrink hood chamber machines mounted on wheels for easy repositioning
  • Operated through a digital control panel with 6 programmes available, including a seal only option
  • AP H20 and AP H25 can process 300 packs per hour
  • Shrink hood L500SA and L800SA efficiently bags and seals products
  • Tunnels that effectively heat shrinks packages for increased speed and throughput
  • Extended lead time - please call to discuss

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Shrink hoods

Shrink and seal machines are designed to speed up packaging lines by providing both a heat shrinking and sealing method in one unit, taking just seconds to complete the process. Ideal when you require a quicker alternative to heat shrink guns or standard desktop systems. Heat shrinking is commonly used for retail products as the clear wrap displays items professionally and is highly secure and tamper-proof as the film takes the shape of the product. Heat shrink is also ideal when wrapping high-value products, particularly engineering parts and electronics that can be easily damaged in transit.

Our shrink hood machines all feature a roller mechanism which can accommodate a variety of heat shrink film including polyolefin, polyethylene (polythene) and micro-perforated film – crystal clear films that are perfect for POS. The rollers make the process highly efficient. The film can be wrapped around the product, cut and sealed in the right places to form a pouch and then shrink-wrapped to create the final product.

Kite Packaging offers its customers four different seal and shrink systems, see the information below for further information about the models available.

These machines include a 12 month warranty.

AP H20 and AP H25

The shrink hood machines AP H20 and AP H25 are used to seal and shrink wrap products under a large hood, closed by an electronic magnet to ensure the product will be fully shrink-wrapped without disturbance. The shrink time and temperature are controlled by the microprocessor to ensure optimum performance, and a large fan increases the shrink capacity. The hood automatically opens after the shrink process has completed, so that products can be swiftly moved through the machine continuously to ensure a speedy operation.

The difference between the two machines is in the overall dimensions and weight. The H20 is our standard size machine and can seal products with maximum dimensions of 410 x 250 x 210 mm. It weighs 71kg and has the external dimensions of 1050 x 682 x 1015 mm. The H25 is a larger and heavier machine which can accommodate products up to 520 x 390 x 260 mm. Weighing 88kg with the external dimensions of 1240 x 815 x 1100 mm.

Both machines can shrink and seal a product with a maximum weight of 10kg, ideal for small to medium duty goods.

Both machines can be used to seal and wrap up to 300 packs per hour, so they are ideal for moderate to high volume operations. They each have 6 programmes which include a seal only option so that the machine can be used as a heat sealer as well as a shrink system if necessary. Other features include adjustable shrink and hood opening delay, a movable work shelf and easy maintenance access.

Compatible with polyolefin shrink films with a maximum roll width of 450mm (centrefolded) and maxim core diameter of 300mm.

L 500 SA

The L 500 SA is a semi-automatic sealer, in that it is operated by a foot pedal and therefore the operator can properly handle the product being sealed. It features a film winder to quickly wrap a product that can take a maximum of 300mm diameter rolls with 600mm width. Seal dimensions are 560mm x 430mm and therefore can seal small and medium-sized products easily. There is also a choice of six programmes which are easily controlled using a digital panel. The SA model that Kite Packaging supplies also allows for an automatic cycle setting which can improve output and speed of packing. Various other adjustments can be made depending on what is best for your business and product such as conveyor speed and sealing temperature.

It can be used with or without the TM18 tunnel and is commonly used for a range of items including beauty, food, pharmaceutical, print, media, magazines, electronics toys, games, perfume and much more.

Compatible with polyolefin shrink films and polythene shrink films with a maximum roll width of 600mm (centrefolded) and maxim core diameter of 300mm.

L 800 SA

The L 800 SA offers the same benefits on the L 500 SA however is suitable for larger items. A semi-automatic L-sealer used to pack products in a safe, presentable way. With 6 operating settings, easily controlled with the user-friendly control panel, an automatic cycle mode to improve output and speed of packing and automatic transfer of the product to a shrink tunnel it makes for efficient sealing. It can take a maximum of 300 mm diameter rolls with 800mm width and the seal frame dimensions are 830 x 600mm making easy work of medium to large sized products. Other adjustments can be made depending on your business requirements.

Used in conjunction with the TM30 tunnel for a more streamlined process it is commonly used to for a range of items including beauty, food, pharmaceutical, print, media, magazines, electronics toys, games, perfume and much more.

TM18 and TM30 tunnel

These machines shrink products incredibly quick and easy. The TM18 is used in conjunction with the L 500 SA and the TM30 is used in conjunction with the L 800 SA. The operator can work across a conveyor belt and easily cut film to size around a product, quickly seal and then insert it into the shrink oven to finish packing. The tunnel is set on rollers so the product moves out the other side and can be taken to box and label. Only one operator is needed to use the whole machine, when two or three operators may have been needed previously to manually seal and shrink wrap a product.

The L 500 SA and L 800 SA, with all the above features and benefits, works perfectly with a shrink tunnel as it automatically transfers the product to the shrink tunnel on a conveyor. Once transferred, the TM18 and TM30 shrink tunnel have varying adjustable controls including conveyor speed and temperature. The intuitive design also allows for the airflow to be regulated via external controls which can target the heat source in more difficult areas on irregularly shaped products. It also has an automatic cool-down function when not in use for added safety. Items are quickly shrink wrapped using this unique 'oven' system.

The TM18 single-chamber has a maximum product width of 400mm and a height of 230mm so it is most suited to small and medium-sized products.

The TM30 tunnel has a product width of 600mm and a height of 300mm so is suited to larger sized products.

Your items can easily flow from the sealer to the tunnel and out the other side ready for dispatch.

Video: How to use a shrink hood sealer
A demonstration of how to shrink wrap items using our all-in-one sealer and heat shrink machine.

Slide the item to be shrink sealed between the layers of film and slide under the hood.

Close the lid, ensuring the seal bars hold the film in place.

Remove any excess film from the front.

Heat is applied to shrink the film around your product.

Once the process is complete, the hood will open automatically.