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  • All the tools required for shrink wrapping small or medium items (not pallets)
  • Desktop system includes a shrink sealer to cut the film to size, an unrolling device, a separator bar and an air blower to seal the wrap
  • Integrated desktop system includes all of the above plus work table and gun holder for a more compact and controlled packing station
  • Please note that the film is not included. Click here to browse our range of shrink film
  • Extended lead time - please call to discuss

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Heat shrink film systems

Desktop heat shrink film systems are the ideal tools for creating your own shrink wrapping station, as they include all the parts for heat shrinking in an efficient way but at a lower cost than a fully automated system. Heat shrink is most popular with retail operations to keep products protected from dirt, moisture and residue whilst on display or in storage and gives a professionally wrapped look to a variety of items whilst providing high clarity.

We supply two different types of heat shrink systems, with three varying widths to suit small and medium-sized products. The desktop shrink system has been designed as a complete desktop shrink kit, ideal for wrapping DVDs, games and other small items, and provides the operator with a shrink sealer (which cuts and seals the shrink film), an unrolling device, a separator bar and a 2-speed hot air blower. These elements can all be set up on a desk or packing station to create a shrink wrapping station in your warehouse or packing operation. The desktop shrink system is available in two varying widths depending on the size of products being wrapped – 400mm and 800mm are available.

We also supply a more advanced integrated desktop shrink system which is ideal for small items and available in a 430mm width only. It has an integrated work table and gun holder for the heat air blower to ensure that your desktop shrink systems equipment and tools all stay together in one place. The work table is easy to clean which protects items being wrapped from dirt and dust and can make the packing operation more efficient by having space for each tool. The air blower has various heat settings and can be controlled easily to a low or high setting; the gun heats up quickly and can be operated from the holder in an upright position for more efficiency.

All models come with a 12-month guarantee and can shrink wrap up to 120 items per hour.

When ordering your desktop heat shrink kit from us, don’t forget to order your shrink wrap for use with your new shrink sealer. We stock both polythene shrink film for everyday use and high clarity polyolefin shrink film which is ideal for point-of-sale packaging.

Video: Demonstration of our desktop heat shrink packaging system

The desktop heat shrink system from Kite Packaging includes all the tools you need to shrink wrap products. Watch a demonstration of how it can be used.