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  • 120 micron (480 gauge) thick polythene heat shrink wrap film
  • For wrapping pallets or bulky goods to provide stability and protection
  • Centre folded on the roll, four widths available
  • Requires a heat source to shrink and tightly wrap the pallet
  • Use with our pallet shrink gun for easy and efficient application
  • Subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 10%

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Polythene shrink film

Polythene shrink wrap, also known as PE shrink film, is made from virgin 120 micron (480 gauge) thick polythene film to ensure even and consistent shrinking when a heat source is applied fitting like a second skin around the product.

As packaging specialists, we are one of the UK’s leading polythene shrink film suppliers. Available in a choice of widths and thicknesses, our heavy duty PE shrink film is the ideal choice to safely secure both heavy and obscure shaped loads, providing superior stability and protection.

Polythene shrink wrap provides superior moisture protection and puncture resistance, making it a popular product for wrapping pallets. For added convenience we recommend storing PE shrink wrap film on a roll dispenser stand - and don’t forget any shrink wrap film must be used in conjunction with a heat shrink gun.

Designed for awkwardly shaped products as well as your standard shaped products, this highly durable, centre folded polythene shrink film opens to double the closed width and is not perforated, allowing extra flexibility and reducing waste.

All of our rolls of polythene shrink wrap are centre folded, for ease of handling and storage. For example, a 4m wide sheet will be centre folded onto a 2m roll. The core diameter of each roll is 76mm.

This film shrinks when heated and must be used in conjunction with a heat source. Please see our pallet shrink gun.

Subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 10%

Video: Heat shrink pallet covers
Watch a demonstration on how to wrap and protect a pallet using polythene (PE) shrink film.