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  • 100% paper alternative to polythene bags
  • Popular for clothing and textile items
  • Recyclable and biodegradable
  • Translucent, moisture resistant material
  • Available in five different size
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    What is glassine?

    Glassine is a type of paper that boasts translucency paired with a smooth and glossy finish. It is pH neutral and acid-free due to its manufacturing process that also grants the material moisture, air and grease resistance. Glassine paper bags are made from a wood pulp that is pressed, dried and processed to ensure that all the fibres face the same direction. This creates the smooth, premium finish that makes the packaging effective as internal coverings.

    What can a glassine bag be used for?

    These glassine envelopes are designed to be a sustainable alternative to clear polystyrene garment bags, though their applications could span across various industries. Kite provide five different sizes to facilitate this variety of functions. The glassine sleeve is excellent at keeping dust and dirt off the contents, making them ideal for clothing items, accessories, documents, stationery and a range of other retail products where a pristine appearance is paramount. The moisture resistance adds a further layer of protection against the outside elements without adding weight that could increase postage costs. 

    The self-adhesive seal and peel strip enhances this quality of preserving the cleanliness of the products inside. The bags are secured with a neat seal by omitting the need for any additional tape or sticker. The efficiency of packing is also increased by this convenient feature, making the eco-friendly packaging suitable for fast-paced ecommerce environments.

    Why is glassine eco-friendly?

    Glassine is a sustainable packaging material through being made from paper and consequently, enjoying the same full recyclability and biodegradability as regular paper products. Customers can simply dispose of these bags the same way that they would any other card or paper items: by putting them out for kerbside recycling collection. The unique translucent properties of glassine allow it to replace clear plastic, making it a revolutionary eco-friendly packaging initiative.

    Championing new sustainable technology will place your business at the forefront of creative innovations. This will send a positive message to customers increasingly looking to be sustainable with their shopping, encouraging brand loyalty.