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  • Polythene bag equipped with zip lock closure
  • Two types of bag available, clear and frosted white
  • Clear bags manufactured from 70 micron LDPE, white bags manufactured from 70 micron CPE
  • Lightweight and can be reused time and time again
  • Ideal for retail products, travelling goods, electronics and much more

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Zip lock bags

Is your business looking for lightweight bag protection that can keep their contents intact and protected from dirt and other outside environmental factors? Our versatile zip lock pouches are available in two colours, completely clear and semi-clear frosted white. Our clear bags are made from 70 micron LDPE with frosted white made from 70 micron CPE material. Their strong zip lock feature means items can be easily placed in and out of the bag. They can also be reused time and time again.

These lightweight bags can be used for a huge variety of products such as retail goods, electronics, cosmetics, travelling commodities, food items and more. Our clear pouches are also ideal for everyday general usage, whereas frosted white bags can give goods a premium quality-like feel. These bags do not feature any holes, making them waterproof, and can be sealed airtight.

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See our range of zip lock bags, in both clear and frosted white

Both our clear and frosted bags come with a strong zip lock feature. Goods can be easily slipped in and out of the bags as needed, making them a great reusable choice for a range of products. Perfect for retail and gifts, our frosted pouches can give goods a premium feel thanks to their soft texture and look.