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  • Medium duty, high-clarity clear polythene bags
  • 200 gauge thick (50 micron) for a variety of uses to collate product packaging
  • Non-toxic polythene
  • Perfect for an all-in-one packaging solution for small goods that range in weight and size
  • Can be heat sealed or use a bag neck sealer for secure closure and a professional finish
  • LDPE material containing 30% recycled content
  • Dimensions: width (opening) x length
    Subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5%

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What is a medium duty polythene bag?

Polythene bags specified for medium duty usage are 200 gauge thick (50 micron). Comprised of three sealed edges and an opening, they can be loaded with your product before being fastened with either a heat sealer or bag neck sealer. The former is a highly sanitary method of sealing, guaranteeing protection against dirt, dust and moisture to keep the contents in immaculate condition.

What can polythene bags be packed with?

This thicker variety of virgin plastic makes these bags suitable for heavier objects such as gifts, hardware and pet products. Any medium sized item that would benefit from an impeccable standard of cleanliness, will be reliably packaged within a heat sealed polythene bag. No outside germs or particles can enter the parcel, preserving the contents during transportation. The medium duty design is the most popular of all the gauges, largely due to its multi-purpose nature and versatility allowing it to be used with most general objects while keeping outgoing costs to a minimum.

What size of medium duty polythene bag should I get?

At Kite, we offer a vast range of different dimensions with the goal of catering toward the needs of most businesses. The dimensions in the product table are displayed in the order of width (opening) x length and are subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5%. Therefore, it is sometimes advised that you opt for a size larger than the one you consider to best fit your product’s measurements. If you feel that you require a different thickness to carry the weight of your intended contents, you can browse our other ranges of light, heavy and extra heavy duty bags. 

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Video: Medium duty polythene bags demonstration video
How to use and seal medium duty clear polythene bags

Medium duty clear polythene bags are made from 50 micron, or 200 gauge material.

They are supplied in an outer box, some with a dispenser-style opening.

Medium duty bags are suitable for a wide range of items.

These bags can be sealed using various methods, including with a heat sealer and cable ties.