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Mailing bags

Mailing bags are suitable for items that need reliable, weatherproof protection whilst in transit. Their light construction can see both individuals and businesses save a significant sum when it comes to postage costs.

Our popular grey mailing bags are made from 95% recycled materials, making them an economical and earth-friendly choice for personal and commercial use. Kite's clear plastic mailing sacks meanwhile are perfect for the posting of clothing and printed materials (brochures and catalogues, for example) and are fully biodegradable.

When an item needs a little more protection than usual, turn to our extra strong, co-extruded and opaque heavy duty mailing bags to ensure your item/s reach their destination in optimal condition, whilst ensuring purchase confidentiality.

Wicketed Mailing Bags are perfect for pick and pack operations. Manufactured from 45 micron polythene and ideal for medium duty use, these bags increase efficiency and speed within packing operations. We also stock Clear Polythene Mailers, 40 micron and made from recycled material for an environmentally-friendly solution. They are great for mailing out promotional materials such a flyers, leaflets, brochures and much more.

Bag it up with Kite

Most of our mailing bags comply with Royal Mail's PiP guidelines. See pages for more information.