Grip seal bags (resealable)

Our strong, clear resalable bags are ideal for the secure storage of items you wish to protect from dirt and moisture. Depending on what you wish to store in these bags - which are available in an extensive range of sizes - potentially reusing these bags many times, making them an economical choice for your business. We also offer heavy duty clear re-sealable bags to help collate and protect heavy or sharp products that would otherwise burst or puncture a standard thickness bag. Made from strong 75 micron polythene.

Write-on panel bags

If you need the contents of your grip seal bags to be quickly and easily identifiable, you may prefer to invest in our write-on bags which comprise a white panel for biro or pencil labelling. Both variants of our resealable plastic bags are constructed from 100% virgin, low density and high clarity 45 micron polythene film for lasting durability. All of our grip seal polythene bags remain firmly shut when closed but are easy to quickly open and reseal whenever required.

Specialist grip seal bags

For more specialist applications we also offer a range of anti-static and metallised re-sealable bags. These ranges are essential for companies who are storing or sending components that are sensitive to static or electrical charges. Popular within the electronics and computing industries the anti-static and Faraday cage protection properties give you peace of mind that your products are safe.

Are you looking to stock up on sealable plastic bags? Kite Packaging offers significant discounts on bulk orders - please do contact us if you have any queries regarding your order.