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Postal boxes

Postal boxes

As a leading supplier of B2B packaging, our high quality postal boxes are a vital part of our range. Overlooking a high quality packaging solution can make your product liable to damage in transit. Our extensive selection of mailing boxes and packaging means clients servicing all sectors can find the affordable, reliable and strong materials they need to satisfy the requirements of their own customer base. Afterall, making use of durable and high quality packaging advances your company image in the face of professionalism.
Available in white, foam lined and Air Shock, our mailing boxes are designed with quality and durability in mind. We even supply specialist mailers for the transportation of books and picture frames.
Our postal boxes are accessible in a number of shapes and sizes, as well as brown and white colouring, so you are certain to discover the postal packaging that best works for your business and your budget.

Mailing cartons & boxes

We pride ourselves on delivering the packaging solutions every business requires. We understand that, as a company, you want the highest quality mailing boxes at your disposal to not only provide the best service to your customers but to also get your products safely and securely from your office or warehouse to their door. Using the right packaging to transport your goods from A to B has never been more important. In utilising high quality packaging, you give your customer the assurance that their product has been shipped safely without incurring damage. The right packaging choices can also elevate the image of your business, making you look professional in the eyes of your customers. Whether you run an eBay store, a large scale ecommerce empire or a bricks and mortar store, knowing that you have the most effective postal boxes and the most efficient mailing packaging to ship your products is essential.
In addition to providing brown and white cardboard postal boxes, we also supply specialist packaging. Our Air Shock range offers cushioned protection for the transportation of more fragile goods, including electronics, ceramics and other delicate items. Our foam lined mailing boxes also deliver a high level of protection that can be tailor-made to your exact requirements for the perfect fit. Our corrugated book wrap and telescopic picture frame postal packaging can be called upon for the mailing of specific items and with a variety of sizes available, you can purchase the mailing box that best suits the books and picture frames you are shipping. Quick and easy to assemble, cardboard twist wrap mailers are also the perfect solution for mailing gifts, books, games and an array of other items. See our range of sizes on their product page.

Affordable, reliable & strong

As a business customer, you will naturally want to receive the best value for money on your postal packaging, but this shouldn’t mean compromising on quality. We offer affordable, reliable and strong postal boxes for the transportation of every item imaginable; if we don’t have a solution ‘off-the-shelf’ which matches your requirements, get in touch for a bespoke solution . Having faith in your packaging can mean you experience less worry about your product when they are in transit. Although reputable distribution companies such as Royal Mail or DPD make every effort to ensure your packages are transported safely, human error or unusual circumstances do occur. This is why we believe packaging your products correctly and securely, using a high quality solution, is of utmost importance. Whether it is a large letter, a small parcel or something significantly bigger, we have packaging solutions to suit a number of project demands.
In addition to providing specialist mailing boxes that offer the very best protection for the items within, no matter how delicate they are; our easy to assemble white postal packaging options ensure your products are presentable.
Our full range of postal boxes and mailing packaging is here to ensure you can ship the goods that are important to your business safely to the people who matter – your customers. Find out more about our fantastic choice of risk-free postal packaging and boxes, and receive the best value for money around, by browsing our collection. Alternatively, please contact our friendly and dedicated team directly for further information about our mailing box solutions.