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  • Low cost, reliable plastic edge protectors for strapping on pallets
  • Available in small, medium and large for different widths of strapping
  • Simply place on the edge to be protected and tighten strapping
  • Ensure loads are not torn, bent or damaged during transit

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Strapping edge protectors

When it comes to transit, securing pallets and cartons is a non-negotiable factor of day-to-day packing. However, with so much emphasis on health and safety, users can sometimes strap their pallets too tight, causing damage to the load on the top row. Strapping edge protectors are a very low-cost solution that can save businesses money by reducing damages, therefore offering cost-effective protection for preserving palletised goods.

Our edge protectors are designed to sit underneath strapping, preventing tears, bends and creasing to goods that can be caused by strapping alone. Simply place the durable plastic edges on the surface to be protected, place the strapping over the top and tighten. We stock small, medium and large, catering to different widths of strapping. All sizes are black in colour.

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