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Strapping is used throughout the packaging industry for a variety of reasons including bundling items together for easier handling, attaching items to pallets and crates, reinforcing cartons and boxes or fastening goods together.

We offer a complete range of strapping tools, kits, and machinery to meet your strapping needs no matter how large or small your operation.

Strapping kits

If you are new to strapping, consider purchasing one of our strapping kits. Each strapping kit contains all the strapping tools to get you going including the strapping, tensioner tool and sealer tool, seals, and with some options a mobile strapping trolley.

Polypropylene strapping

For light to medium duty bundling and palletising, we supply polypropylene strapping wound onto either a cardboard or plastic core. An economical plastic strapping solution, our polypropylene strapping is embossed to ensure superior split resistance and strong seal joints.

Corded strapping

Ideal for securing heavy loads, high-strength corded strapping is stronger than polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) and is extremely durable with a high breaking strain.

Polyester strapping

For heavy duty loads, we recommend polyester strapping as the viable alternative to steel strapping. Used in the brick, lumber and textile industries, polyester strapping will withstand and retain higher tension than any other form of plastic strapping.

Steel strapping

High-quality steel strapping for occasions when sharp-edged or very heavy loads are being strapped. Typically this would be the preferred strapping material for the construction and building industry due to the very high breaking strain our steel strapping provides.

Bale strapping

Ideal for compacting bales or awkward loads, bale strapping is a strong, safe alternative to bailing wire and does not tear or fray.

Paper strapping and film strapping

Paper strapping manufactured from 80g thick paper, it is the ideal solution for strapping together envelopes, paper bags, business cards, banknotes, and leaflets. Film strapping is manufactured from polypropylene with a higher breaking strain compared to strapping and is used in industries such as retail, pharmaceuticals and food.

Strapping tools

Whether you use polypropylene strapping or polyester strapping, we can supply all the strapping tools you require to continue strapping efficiently. Our ergonomically designed combination tools save time when tensioning and sealing polypropylene strapping on a flat surface. Simple and easy to use, these plastic strapping tools are available to suit a range of uses from light to heavy duty. For even faster strapping, consider investing in a cordless friction welding tool, capable of tensioning, sealing and cutting both polypropylene or polyester strapping with a single handed operation.

If you require a higher volume output and more automated strapping solution, you may wish to consider one of our floor standing automatic strapping machines.

Strapping edge protectors

Our strapping edge protectors are designed to keep loads from being torn, bent and dented by strapping. Sometimes, strapping can easily be applied too tightly, resulting in damaged loads. Our edge protectors sit underneath the strapping, ensuring that it does not press into goods, causing damage. Available in a range of sizes to suit different strapping widths.