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  • Acid free 100% recyclable, biodegradable and FSC certified tissue paper rolls
  • Cylindrical roll reduces waste and conserves materials
  • Manual dispenser system increases efficiency
  • Aesthetic gift wrapping option
  • Customisable for a range of product sizes

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Tissue paper rolls

What is a tissue paper roll?

Tissue paper on a roll is a popular choice for customers looking for a more efficient solution than traditional tissue paper sheets and particularly benefits medium to high volume packing operations. Our rolls allow businesses to add a touch of luxury to orders. Unlike flat sheets, the cylindrical roll enables full flexibility in terms of how much wrapping paper is used, conserving material and reducing waste. The roll works best when loaded onto our manual dispenser system tailored to reduce packing time. All of our tissue paper rolls are acid free.

Is tissue paper environmentally friendly?

Our range of tissue paper is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, particularly priding itself on being FSC certified. This means that the paper has been produced from sustainably managed forests and/or recycled sources and this green tick is recognised as the gold-standard for both wood and paper goods. The biodegradable quality gives businesses the ultimate reassurance that even if the consumer fails to recycle the packaging, the tissue will naturally break down and not clog up landfill sites. This tissue paper illustrates social responsibility and allows you to reduce your impact on the environment without sacrificing attractive presentation.

Why use tissue paper?

Tissue paper is intrinsically linked to gift wrapping and aesthetic attention to detail. As a result, by incorporating tissue into your brand packaging, customers begin to associate your company with a sense of indulgence. The spectrum of tissue shades offers something for every business and is an excellent way to increase brand recognition and aid consistency throughout your brand. Due to their conventional use in gift wrapping, including tissue in all retail orders creates an unforgettable customer experience and encourages consumers to purchase gifts from your business in the future.

What is a tissue roll dispenser?

Our roll holders improve the speed of your packing operation considerably. The wonderfully simple design provides easy access with an intuitive pull and tear system supported by the integrated serrated blade for a professional finish every time. The light and compact construction means that the counter roll holder can be moved between workstations or stored underneath a packing bench. Produced from robust metal, this tissue dispenser is also ideal for in-store gift wrapping that needs to be carried out swiftly and smoothly at the point of purchase. Streamline and simplify your packaging process with our low-cost tissue roll holder which delivers premium packing while keeping productivity high.

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Our range of colourful tissue paper rolls