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Tissue paper sheets and rolls

What is tissue paper used for?

Coloured tissue paper is a highly cost-effective way to elevate a customer’s unboxing experience. It can be used to wrap directly around anything from clothing to crockery to add an extra detail sure to enchant the recipient. For these reasons, tissue paper is very popular within the gift industry or when packaging premium products.

However, tissue paper sheets or rolls are versatile materials with wide-spanning uses across general arts and crafts projects alongside business packaging applications.

What is the difference between tissue paper sheets and tissue paper rolls?

Fundamentally, tissue paper sheets are available in three different sizes and a spectrum of colours and their pre-cut nature allows for efficient wrapping of similarly shaped items. Tissue paper rolls are not pre-cut, allowing the user to dispense as much or as little as they require for the specific purpose. This minimises waste and is ideal for when products of differing sizes and shapes are being wrapped, but may be less time efficient than the sheets.

Therefore, coloured tissue sheets are often favoured for pressurised point-of-purchase applications while the rolls are useful at a pack station when wrapping a variety of products.

The acid and chlorine free tissue paper sheets are designed to not damage any delicate items, but become an appealing packaging layer for an array of items. Anything from clothing to crockery can be compactly wrapped with our pre-cut sheets that sit comfortably in a packing warehouse or on a shop floor. We supply 17gsm coloured and 14gsm white/off-white tissue with all aside from the off-white paper receiving a sleek machine glazing.

The tissue paper rolls are 100% recyclable and biodegradable with a FSC certification to attest to its excellent green credentials as an eco-friendly packaging option. Efficiency of wrapping is significantly increased when our dispenser is incorporated. The intuitive pull and tear operation enables rapid packaging that still delivers a unique personal touch.

What is the difference between tissue paper and crepe paper?

Crepe paper is defined by its wrinkled texture and opaque consistency. On the other hand, tissue paper is smooth, often with a lightly glossed finish and less opacity. Both types of paper are commonly used as craft supplies, although for more general packaging purposes, tissue paper is preferable due to the cleaner, more professional appearance it provides.