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We supply 3 types of tissue paper in a variety of colours! See the differences below:

Machine Finished (MF) Tissue Paper
  • Smooth, slightly transparent and crisp
  • Luxury finish suitable for high-end packing needs
  • Click here for shredded tissue paper made from the same material
Machine Glazed (MG) Tissue Paper
  • Smooth & shiny on one side
  • Yields sharp and vibrant print results
  • Ideal for gift wraps and decorative papers
Each pack contains 480 sheets

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Tissue paper

Tissue paper has a multitude of uses from wrapping, packing to crafts and gifts. Many retailers choose to use eye-catching colours such as red, orange or pink tissue paper to wrap and pack a host of items from clothing to crockery and homewares.

Our vast selection of chlorine and acid-free tissue papers ensures we have a coloured tissue paper to suit all tastes; we stock all colours from black tissue paper through to yellow and white. No matter which colour of tissue paper you buy, no matter how vibrant, you can rest assured that our high-quality coloured tissue paper will add the perfect finishing touch.

This machine glazed (MG) 17gsm coloured and 14gsm white/off-white tissue paper is chlorine and acid-free so it will not harm your delicate products. All machine finished (MF) tissue papers are acid free and 17gsm thick.

Each ream of white or standard coloured tissue paper contains approximately 480 sheets.

What’s the difference between machine finished and machine glazed tissue paper?

Machine finished tissue paper is made by passing the paper through a series of rollers, creating a smooth and even surface on both sides which is slightly transparent and crisp to the touch. Machine glazed tissue paper, however, is produced by pressing the paper against a highly polished, heated drum during the manufacturing process, giving the paper a smooth, shiny finish. Machine finished tissue paper, however, is used predominately for high-end packing applications where a more luxury finish and feel are required.

Both types are great for applications such as gift wraps, decorative papers. It all depends on what you prefer for your brand!

Video: Coloured tissue paper demonstration video
Demonstrating the many uses of coloured tissue paper.

We sell a huge range of coloured tissue paper. Each pack is sold in a ream of 480 sheets.