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New Product Demonstration Videos

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 10th July 2014

If you don’t receive our weekly newsletters then you are perhaps not aware of the video haul we have recently completed as part of our ongoing commitment to improve our website and make purchasing easier for customers.

We know that packaging is often a mine field; particularly for those of you who have just began selling your wares or become involved in the warehousing and operative side of a business. Our huge ranges of products have various uses and as some are simple to use others can be more complicated.


Now we have over 100 products demonstrated online with a video,  what’s more each one has been filmed and edited to bear clear and concise – with many under 60 seconds long. Videos act as a perfect guide before and after you make an order, not sure whether the product is right for your operation? Our videos show you exactly how the product comes (be it in a box, bag or paper wrap), how to use it and what products it is most suitable for. Product has arrived and you’re not sure where to start? For items like machinery and equipment which are a little more complicated to use our videos show step-by-step instructions of how to unpack, set-up and use a wide range of items.

These videos have been produced to help you shop with confidence on the Kite website – and ensure that you know exactly what your items will look like before they get to your delivery address. You can access the videos via each product page by clicking on the screenshot image at the right hand corner of the page; alternatively you can scroll to the bottom of the page and view the video in the blue box. Each video is accompanied with a voice over, but if you don’t have sound or headphones don’t worry – the videos are all closed caption enabled so that you know exactly what is being said.

Of course we always like to hear from customers about how we can improve their experience online, and if you come across a product that you would like more information on or a demonstration video please email and we’ll put it to the top of our priority list.

Take a look below at the links to our most popular videos, and for the full list go to the Guides & Videos page.

We have also created some on-screen videos to show you how to use the Kite Packaging website most effectively. We have designed a variety of handy tools on the website; including an interactive 'My Account' where you can easily re-order past purchases, a packaging regulations section to work out the weight of packaging you have used to help with your submission and how to use the product size finder and mixed pallet ordering tools.

These videos can be found here. 

Have you visited our Youtube channel? We have all the videos on there too, making them easy to share with your friends and co-workers, or embed in to presentations when reviewing your packaging methods. Check out our most popular video to date - quite simple, 'How To measure A Box'. It may seem easy but this is essential for ensuring you pick the right size boxes when you order.

Happy viewing!