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Solutions to ensure your products are protected in transit.

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 19th January 2021

We have a wide range of knowledge supported by in-house packaging experts, engineers, and technologists and our leading B2B ecommerce website. We briefly shed light on one of our many specialist divisions, in-the-box.

Packing items up to send out in transit can often be a daunting process, all too often products are damaged before they make it to the end destination, therefore internal protection is vital.

We have a specialist in-the-box division, which consists of specialist packaging engineers who have developed and maintained some of the most innovative packaging systems in the UK. We work with businesses to find savings through automation and increasing pack velocity.

Included in our range of specialist solutions are, paper systems, our mini air system, our range of air shock and wrap and hold. Each of these systems are perfect for protecting items that need to be internally protected, and to reduce the number of damages seen by a business for products that are sent out in transit, not only do the costs of damages fall back onto the business, but it also creates waste which is not ideal for the environment.

Suitable for a wide range of uses and customers of all sizes, our mobile and automated options are ideal for smaller operations and for medium sized to larger operations, bespoke integrations are a great option, and with the support of the specialist teams all are extremely beneficial systems.  

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Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

19th January • 2021