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An environmentally friendly, high performance and cost efficient replacement for:

  • Foam in place
  • Pre-moulded foam
  • Bubble wrap
  • Loose fill
  • Paper systems
  • Die-cut corrugated fittings

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Introducing Kite Wrap & Hold

Designed for high volume users the Wrap & Hold system offers a universal packing solution that is secure, reduces costs and completely eliminates the need for void fill and in-box solutions. Material reduction offers huge environmental benefits, achieved through a flexible design element which allows for pack sizes to be significantly reduced – delivering even greater cost reduction in the supply chain.

The new innovation offers a number of benefits including a 30% cost saving due to a 40% reduction in materials and labour costs. The packs designed for use with the machine (see below) are fully recyclable, including the film used to wrap items which produces a secure pack far superior to traditional void fill.

Wrap & Hold offers customers an ideal alternative to foam-in-place and paper systems in regards to performance.

Standard range of packs

We have designed and patented a range of packs that can be used in conjunction with the Wrap & Hold machine to secure your product. These include wrap packs, platform packs and pick trays:

Wrap and Hold Wrap Pack Wrap and Hold Platform Pack Wrap and Hold Pick Tray

One piece packs that are ideal for books, DVDs and other small items. Your product is fully enclosed and protected within a postal style box.

Designed for heavier industrial products, with maximum strength and extra protection. Ideal for engineering applications.

Designed for fulfilment operations, this picking tray converts into the dispatch packaging and eliminates the need to double handle goods.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Small - 200mm x 250mm x 50mm
  • Medium- 290mm x 300mm x 50mm
  • Large- 310mm x 350mm x 70mm

All 3 are PiP 'small parcel' size to keep postal costs down.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Small - 308mm x 200mm x 190mm
  • Large- 400mm x 280mm x 270mm

Available in the following sizes:

  • Small - 296mm x 190mm x 150mm
  • Medium- 394mm x 243mm x 150mm
  • Large- 454mm x 260mm x 150mm


Machines are available to rent through our UK wide RDC operations, with price plans tailored to customer needs. For more information please call our specialist team on: 02476 420065

Video: Wrap & Hold demonstration video
Watch how the Wrap and Hold system can be used to quickly and securely pack and protect products, using our patented Wrap pack, Pick Tray and Platform Pack designs.

Kite Packaging’s Wrap and Hold System is a revolutionary new way of securely dispatching your goods.

Kite’s unique packaging solution is low-cost, fast, and efficient and is designed to deliver savings to your business.

Kite’s range of engineered standard packs in conjunction with specialist machinery, are designed to fulfill the needs of most packing applications.

The Wrap and Hold postal pack is a self-supporting one piece pack for the distribution of books, DVDs and other small single or multi item dispatches.

Securely wrapping products within corrugated packaging, Wrap and Hold provides void protection, eliminates product movement during transit, and allows optimisation of your packaging and delivery processes.

Postal Packs are quick and easy to erect and provide great presentation upon receipt.

The Wrap and Hold pick tray pack is ideal for fulfillment operations, and is designed to enable you to pick straight to the packaging tray for dispatch, allowing handling of goods to be reduced and throughput to be increased.

Goods are wrapped and retained within the pack.

Using shock absorption technology a void is created around the product with a suspended platform, the tray can then be dropped into a corrugated outer carton for dispatch.

The Wrap and Hold platform pack is designed to provide maximum strength, and is therefore most suitable for heavier products. Shock absorption features also provide extra protection for fragile items.

Using the same retention method as the pick tray packs, products are protected by wrapping them to the corrugated fitting which is then dropped into an outer corrugated carton.

Video: Wrap & Hold Continuous Wrapping
Demonstrating how the Wrap and Hold system can save time in a fast-moving production line, ideal for busy packing environments.

Our Wrap and Hold system is fast and can be used in a production line to pack many items in one go, as shown.