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Waxed Kraft Paper

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  • Pure Kraft paper on a roll with a wax finish
  • For wrapping greasy or oily components, ideal for the engineering industry
  • Wax covering provides a moisture resistant barrier, preventing seeping and absorption
  • Sold in 100m long rolls, 900mm in width
  • Can be used with our roll dispensers for quick and easy application


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900mm x 100m 55gsm £24.72 £22.30 £20.01 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

Our waxed paper is a heavy weight brown Kraft paper impregnated with wax to create a moisture resistant barrier. Widely used within the engineering industry, waxed Kraft paper can be used to wrap and pack greasy or oily items without risk of seepage or absorption, as well as acting as a corrosion inhibitor for metal components and machined parts.

Trusted packaging specialists Kite Packaging sell rolls of waxed paper throughout the UK, enabling you to cut your own wax paper sheets to size. If you are a regular user of wax Kraft paper, buy in bulk to benefit from substantial discounts.

Please note, this paper is not acid free or PH neutral.

Video: Waxed Paper Demonstration Video
Demonstrating how waxed paper can be used.

Our waxed Kraft paper is provided on 100m rolls and has a waxy texture.

It is ideal for wrapping engineering components that may be oily or greasy.

The waxed coating repels water and other liquids.