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  • Plain brown packaging paper provided on the roll
  • A low cost, all purpose packaging material for various industries
  • Made from 100% recycled paper with a weight of 90gsm
  • Continuous 210 metre roll allows you to cut the required amount you need each time
  • Available in three different widths from 600mm to 900mm
  • Also referred to as imitation Kraft paper


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Roll Size
Width x Length
Paper Weight Price Per Roll Enter No. of Rolls
600mm x 210m 90gsm £14.11 £12.46 £11.41 £10.40 £9.71 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
750mm x 210m 90gsm £17.63 £15.56 £14.25 £12.99 £12.14 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
900mm x 210m 90gsm £20.95 £18.49 £16.93 £15.44 £14.42 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

Brown paper rolls are a multipurpose product used for wrapping and packing throughout a host of industries. Choosing recycled paper rolls over premium brown paper rolls is not only kinder to the environment, its also kinder to your pocket!

Brown recycled paper rolls offer greater versatility than brown paper sheets; the continuous roll allows you to use as much or as little brown paper as you need. To maximise the efficiency of your packing operation, we recommend using your brown paper rolls on a roll dispenser stand.

This low cost, all purpose packaging material is made from 100% recycled paper, and is also fully recyclable. It is suitable for covering boxes, books and parts to protect against scratches, as well as items that need to mailed.

Meant for light to medium duty applications, our recycled paper is widely used for crafts and hobbies.

These recycled paper rolls are made from 90gsm weight paper.

Core size for each roll is approximately 28mm, diameter of each roll is approximately 75mm.