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  • Sheets of pure Kraft strong ribbed brown paper
  • Suitable for all packaging and wrapping requirements
  • Designed for light to medium duty usage, ideal for wrapping fragile items
  • 100% virgin material provides a smooth surface for excellent presentation and writing/printing on
  • Choose from two different paper weights: 70gsm or 90gsm paper

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What is ribbed kraft paper?

Our brown ribbed paper features a lightly corrugated texture to provide strong protection to the items it covers without adding excessive weight to packages. Choose from either 70gsm or 90gsm paper thickness depending on the weight of the products you are packaging. These precut 900 x 1150mm sheets are useful for quickly wrapping products of similar sizes, whereas our paper rolls offer a more versatile option if you need to protect a variety of different sized or shaped objects.

What is a kraft sheet?

‘Kraft’ refers to the manufacturing process of the paper. It is preferred for a number of packaging products due to the superior strength it offers by not having been extensively bleaching, unlike many other paper types. This also reduces the amount of energy used in its manufacture, making kraft a more sustainable method of paper production. This strong ribbed brown paper is 100% virgin kraft for durability, making it suitable for light to medium duty use. The lightly corrugated surface remains smooth enough to be easily written or printed on.

What can ribbed kraft paper sheets be used for?

These pre-cut paper sheets are ideal for quickly wrapping products at the point of purchase in a gift shop. Yet, they are also an aesthetic and environmentally friendly option for wrapping items before placing them into postal packaging when sending out ecommerce orders. As such, they are a versatile packaging product for a range of wrapping applications for small to medium sized objects. 

Supplied in sizes of 900 x 1150mm, they can be cut to suit smaller products and secured with one of our paper tapes to maintain the plastic-free composition of the parcel.

Video: Kraft paper sheets demonstration
Demonstrating how Kraft paper sheets can be used to wrap and protect items

Our brown, cost effective ribbed kraft paper sheets can be used in a range of industries and for a variety of products. The sheets can be cut to size to wrap and protect your product; use in addition with our tape to secure your packages. This strong brown paper is made from thick 70gsm or 90gsm paper that is 100% virgin kraft, popular in gift shops and retailers.