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  • White corrugated Correx Sheets can be used in a variety of industries
  • Each sheet is made from Virgin material and are 2mm (250gsm) thick
  • Great for flooring, template work, protection and outdoor requirements
  • Sheets can be used in between pallets as layer protection
  • Can be cut to size for any requirement, see our range of Specialist Knives


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Width x Length Sheets Per Pack Price Per Pack Enter No. Of Sheets
750 x 550 mm
Suitable for Half Europa Pallet Boxes
10 £7.53 £6.14 £5.38 £5.03 Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
1150 x 750 mm
Suitable for Full Europa Pallet Boxes/Europa Pallets
10 £13.24 £10.78 £9.45 £8.84 Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
1150 x 950 mm
Suitable for UK Pallets
10 £16.43 £13.39 £11.73 £10.98 Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units

White corrugated correx layer pads are a tough but lightweight material and offer excellent durability for indoor and outdoor applications. They are commonly used in a range of industries for applications such as:

  • Construction as an alternative to traditional floor protection cover
  • A template to gauge the correct size of materials needs, i.e. door frame sizes, work top length and width
  • Distribution to provide load stability between pallets
  • In advertising as a show board, brand mark or point of sale board

They can be easily cut to size by hand or with specialist knives, making them suitable for any requirement. Unlike many other board and paper products they are water-proof and will therefore withstand most weather conditions.

Ensuring load stability is vital for businesses of all kinds, especially when sending out heavy duty pallets in transit to ensure that loads of all shapes and sizes remain in a stable condition. Simply place the correx sheet across the base of the pallet before stacking to stabilise the base layer, or use as an interleaving layer to stabilise a load. Correx layer pads are lightweight and designed to provide greater stability without increasing the weight of the load unit, however, are intended to offer impact protection.

Each sheet is 2mm (250gsm) thick and are made from virgin grade material. See table to find out what kind of pallet each size sheet is suitable for.