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Bespoke corrugated packaging

Bespoke corrugated packaging

UN and MoD cartons

UN specification packaging for dangerous goods:

The United Nations have established a universal system for the classification, packaging, marking and labelling of dangerous goods to facilitate their safe transport. Customers who may find this service particularly useful are those who ship internationally and have a specific set of guidelines for shipping because of the fragility of their product.

Our offering can include…

  • A wide range of full UN specification stock product cartons, which can be adapted for customer needs
  • A full design and UN performance certification service is also available for new designs, in which our expert team will talk you through the UN specifications and create designs specific to your product

MoD (Defence) packaging for military equipment:

The packaging of military equipment began in the early 1970’s, and to produce packaging for this industry a number of specific quality requirements must be met to ensure high-value defence equipment is secured, protected and transported in the best possible way.

Our offering can include…

  • A wide range of quality approved Ministry of Defence and associated corrugated packaging
  • All MoD designs meet specific design requirements, ensuring that they are fit for purpose to protect and transport valuable defence equipment.

Heavy duty cartons

Heavy duty corrugated cartons are ideal for transporting heavy goods, particularly in sectors where the majority of products are of this nature such as the engineering industry.

Our offering can include…

  • Regular style heavy duty cartons and cartons that can combine with pallets and lids
  • Cartons that can with-stand extreme weather conditions, reducing the need for traditional timber packing cases
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions that provide adequate strength for heavy goods, with a 30% saving in CO2 emissions
  • Experienced advisors who frequently deal with customers who regularly handle component weights in excess of 500kgs

Multi-point glued cartons

Combined with die cut designs, multi-point glued cartons allow the customer to create new designs for enhanced business productivity.

Our offering can include…

  • New carton gluing technology in either 3.5 or 6 point glued options
  • Full range of previously un-available specifications
  • Designs in either corrugated or solid board

Retail and shelf-ready packaging

Shelf-Ready or Retail-Ready Packs (commonly referred to as SRP or RRP) combine the traditional qualities of corrugated with brand promotion to provide a quick way for retailers to get product to shelf with minimum fuss and maximum speed, increasing 'shelf velocity.’ This is an ideal solution for customers who produce product on site or provide stock directly to retail.

Our offering can include…

  • High-quality printed corrugated cartons, to optimise shelf display and brand promotion
  • Expertise in the best corrugated materials for producing high-quality printed packaging
  • Easy-to-open cartons for the retail sector, providing an enhanced customer experience
  • 3-dimensional drawings and pallet plans help to visualise the finished product

Die cut cartons

Die cut cartons are designed and cut using the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) facilities and can be tailored to any specific box requirements.

Our offering can include…

  • The complete range of FEFCO (The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) styles, which can be re-designed to meet specific requirements
  • An experienced design team that will offer tailor-made die cut packs to suit your business needs whether it’s to speed up production or packing, provide a better customer experience or solve a long/short term packaging problem
  • Designs can have a number of specifications including self-locking bases that 'pop' into place, tamper evident closures and more
  • 3-dimensional drawings and pallet plans to help visualise the finished product

Food packaging

The use of corrugated packaging in the food supply chain ensures less food is damaged in transit and keeps products fresher for longer.

Our offering can include…

  • A full range of specialist corrugated board options for the food industry
  • Designs suitable for a range of different food types including ambient, chilled or frozen products
  • Relevant BRC / FDA certification provided depending on exact requirements or applications