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Miscellaneous bespoke packaging

Miscellaneous bespoke packaging


Foam-in-place is expandable foam that provides the ultimate protection for a wide range of fragile and high-value goods. The product works using a chemical reaction that is created inside a bag, and will expand in to all gaps so the product is secure and doesn’t get damaged in transit.

Our offering can include…

  • Expanding foam that moulds around virtually any product - offering a completely bespoke packaging solution
  • Foam dispensed into bags using a simple machine
  • For small users we offer a manual dispensing solution
  • CFC and HCFC-free formulations

Liquid box

Liquid boxes are a perfect solution for products that are prone to leaking or need extra waterproof protection. Kite supplies cartons which are 'leak proof', suitable for packing liquid soap, wet fish or modified atmosphere products without using a bag (or polystyrene) and a box. This product will reduce cost, pack weight and storage space.

Our offering can include…

  • Leak-proof boxes with laminated polythene liners
  • Leak-proof boxes with foil liners
  • Liners suitable for the outside and inside of the carton

Fire retardant packaging

Many products are available in special grades with flame resistant additives. Used mostly in the construction, aerospace and furniture industries where flammable products are common, these packaging solutions ensure that even if it comes in contact with flames the product will not be damaged.

Our offering can include…

  • Products in both standard and bespoke designs
  • Materials including foam, furniture covers, corrugated cartons and corrugated plastic
  • Fire proof composite packs available
  • Printing to suit marketing requirements

Suspension packaging

Suspension packaging is a cost-effective, environmentally efficient, protective packaging solution. The item is suspended between two layers of tough and resilient film and locked in place by film tension within an outer box. This makes it a fantastic solution for small goods that need maximum protection and cannot be touching anything surrounding it.

Our offering can include…

  • Suspension packaging provided flat, therefore requiring less warehouse space