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  • Maintain product temperature during transit
  • Commonly used for food, fish and pharmaceuticals
  • Manufactured to the standards of the food industry
  • Optimum operating temperature -20 ̊C to -30 ̊C

Please note: Due to increased demand some of our Gel packs will come with clear film instead of white, we apologise for any inconvenience.

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Ice packs

Our ice packs are the ideal product for businesses looking to maintain an internal temperature. Used in conjunction with our range of insulated boxes, box liners and temperature controlled pouches, users now have an all-in-one temperature controlled packaging solution enabling them to maintain the temperature of their products during transit.

Ideal for overnight shipments, our range of ice packs are commonly used for food, fish, pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive goods.

We have two different options available. Gel packs simply require freezing and ensure low temperatures are maintained during transit. Ice sheets require submersion in water for around 30 seconds turning the sheet into a gel pack before freezing. As they arrive flat, the ice sheets free up valuable storage space. One box is equivalent to a full pallet of standard gel packs. Each ice sheet has multiple cells, which makes the pack more flexible to mould around products. Each weight featured on the product table is the activated weight.

Gel packs

The gel packs are comprised of an internal water-based polymer gel, which remains frozen for a long period of time and a layer of LDPE which is safe for food contact, has high impact strength and is resistant against chemicals. The contents of the gel packs can be safely disposed of down the drain without causing any harm.

Ice sheets

The ice sheets are comprised of polymer, and when immersed in water the gel chambers inflate ready to be frozen. The ice sheets remain frozen for a long period of time. The top layer of PET/PE film is extremely flexible and offers high-tensile strength while a bottom layer of double-layered white non-woven polypropylene offers great strength, therefore reducing the likelihood of punctures. In order to activate the ice sheets, simply submerge into water for around 30 seconds until you can feel the gel is fully activated and then remove, ready for freezing - see the video.

Video: Ice packs
How to use our gel packs and ice sheets

Our gel packs, water ice packs and ice sheets can be used with our insulated boxes, box liners and temperature controlled pouches to maintain an inside temperature.
Ice sheets are to be placed into water for around 30 seconds; the water activates and inflates the gel inside the cells. Once fully activated, the sheet is ready to be frozen.
Gel packs and water ice packs can simply be frozen at any time; they do not need water for activation. Sheets, gel packs and water ice packs are ready for use when fully frozen.
Our range can be used with a variety of temperature sensitive goods such as food, fish and pharmaceuticals. Once the product and ice packs are inserted and secure, goods are ready to be stored or shipped.