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  • Temperature controlled envelope-shaped protection
  • Standard liner: Offers an adequate amount of thermal protection
  • Premium liner: Our more thermally efficient pack offering an advanced level of thermal protection due to the extra layer of foam
  • Flexible thermal protection for narrower produce
  • Liquid-proof and puncture resistant mailers
  • A popular choice for food & drink industry & pharmaceuticals

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Temperature controlled pouches

These temperature controlled pouches provide great protection for a smaller number of products that require thermal protection for a shorter length of time. Each pouch has an easy 5mm lip with peel and seal strip for secure enclosure once products are placed inside.

Their metallised polyester outer is water-resistant and protects against other harmful factors, whilst maintaining a consistent internal temperature throughout transit and delivery stages. There are a range of different sizes to choose from to allow you to find the right sized mailer for your packing operations. These insulated pouches are great for smaller, slimmer products that need lightweight, insulated packaging to get them to their destination at the same temperature they left the warehouse in.

Standard controlled pouches

Compromised from BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) outer foil layer to reflect heat away from the product and laminated to a 70 micron double-lined bubble wrap inner, providing an interval of insulation and cushioning.

Premium controlled pouches

These chilled liners are comprised of a metallised polyester outer layer to reflect heat away from the product, a bubble wrap middle layer to provide an interval of insulation and cushioning and an inner HDPE foam layer which offers high resistance against moisture and chemicals as well as further insulation.

Video: Temperature controlled pouches
Watch how to use our specially controlled premium mailers

Our premium lightweight effective temperature controlled pouches are the ideal solution when keeping smaller goods, such as milk, fruit, meat or fish at a constant temperature for a shorter length of time. Bubble lined inside and with high density polyethylene, these mailers also provide shock absorbing protection whilst in storage and transit. Simply place goods inside and secure with peel-&-seal strip.