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What are integrated labels?

Also known as an integral label, shipping label and peel-out label, an integrated label is a sheet of paper which contains one or more self-adhesive labels on it. While part of the sheet is a label made using strong glue and the rest is normal paper, any part of the sheet can be printed on, making integrated labels very versatile and economical.

What are the uses of integrated labels?

The adaptability of integrated labels makes them a great tool for many applications where combining labelling and documentation is beneficial.

Most commonly used in ecommerce to consolidate invoices, shipping details, return labels and instructions onto one sheet of paper, integrated labels make for smoother returns processes and improved customer satisfaction.

Beyond ecommerce, they have useful applications in healthcare settings, providing patient information on prescription labels, for example, as well as within education in the form of permission slips, absentee notes and report cards.

Also used to display barcodes and SKUs, integrated labels are a useful tool for labelling products. Some varieties may also have ISEGA certification which makes them ideal for use on dry, non-fatty food items within the food industry.

Our integrated labels are available in popular Royal Mail sizes, offering the perfect labelling solution for eBay and Amazon sellers.

What are the benefits of using integrated labels?

Integrated labels boast many benefits that can be beneficial to businesses of all kinds. For one, combining multiple functions onto a single sheet of paper reduces the need for separate documents. Not only does this save space in storage, shipping and workspaces, but it also lowers paper, ink and printing costs whilst keeping your waste to a minimum, making your business that little bit more eco-friendly.

Having all the relevant information one page enhances organisation, keeping errors to a minimum while streamlining business processes for faster order fulfilment so more time can be attributed to value-added tasks.

By providing a professional finish when it comes to business correspondence, invoices and shipping labels, integrated labels help to boost customers’ perception of your brand. Not to mention, having all the relevant information on one sheet is convenient and will be appreciated by your customers should they need make a return.

Integrated labels are also customisable, fitting to your specific needs while granting opportunities for personalisation with branding, logos and promotional messages to increase brand awareness in a cost-effective manner.