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  • Brown paper euro hang tabs on a roll
  • Fully recyclable
  • Adhesive backing for easy application
  • Widely used within the retail industry
  • 1000 tabs per roll
  • Use in conjunction with our large letter postal boxes

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What are paper euro slot hang tabs?

Paper Euro Hooks, also known as Euro Slot Hang Tabs, are versatile adhesive hangers used in the retail and packaging industry. These convenient hooks are designed to transform standard product packaging into hanging displays. Each roll contains 1000 eco-friendly, recyclable kraft solid board material hooks, making them both practical and sustainable.

Anything can become a point of sale display with these hang tabs, simply peel a tab off the roll and apply to your desired item.

Where can I use paper euro hooks?

Paper Euro Hooks have a wide range of applications across various industries:

Within retail, they are commonly used in stores to display products such as packaged goods, snacks, stationery, and more. Paper euro slots easily attach to product packaging, enabling merchandise to be hung on shop shelves or display racks. Why not use them with our large letter postal boxes to make the perfect eco-friendly blister pack!

At trade shows and exhibitions, exhibitors can use hang tabs to convert their products into eye-catching displays. These hooks are perfect for showcasing items like brochures, small electronics, and promotional materials.

They can be used in warehousing and storage to help keep products organised and accessible by allowing them to be hung on racks or storage units.

Are euro slot hang tabs eco-friendly?

Yes, our hang tabs are an eco-friendly solution for your hanging display needs. They are made from recyclable kraft solid board material, which not only ensures durability but also promotes sustainability. By choosing Paper Euro Hooks, you are contributing to reducing plastic waste and supporting environmentally responsible practices.

What weight can a paper euro tab hold?

The weight-bearing capacity of a paper euro tab depends on several factors, including the type of packaging material, the adhesive used, and the surface it is applied to. On average, these hooks can support lightweight to medium-weight items, such as products weighing up to a few kilograms. However, it is essential to test the hooks with your specific products and packaging to determine their exact weight-bearing capacity for your unique application.

In summary, paper euro hang tabs are versatile, eco-friendly, and practical solutions for displaying products in various settings. Their recyclable kraft solid board material makes them a sustainable choice, and while they are generally suitable for lightweight to medium-weight items, it is advisable to perform weight tests for your specific needs. Whether you're in retail, trade shows, or simply looking to organise your space, paper euro tabs can help you efficiently showcase and store your products.