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  • Versatile labelling solutions for all industries
  • Crafted from 225gsm, 280-micron thick paper
  • Available in natural kraft and white
  • Biodegradable and recyclable

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Paper tags

Our paper tags provide an environmentally friendly and budget-friendly solution for labelling goods with any kind of information. Made from kraft paper, these tags offer a versatility for both printing and handwritten customisation – great for adding a personal touch to your labelling needs for special occasions.

We stock two different sizes both in a different style and colour, natural kraft and white.

Our paper tags with strings are made with 225gsm and 280-micron thick paper, providing a heavy-duty tag which is suitable for a variety of functions and industries.

What are paper tags used for?

Paper tags find applications in various industries, whether for labelling, tracking, or providing information on products. They are commonly found in fashion and retail settings attached to clothing items as a way of conveying product information, branding, or pricing details. In the automotive industry, paper tags are essential for labelling parts, tracking inventory, and providing instructional details.

Within horticulture and agriculture, paper tags prove handy for labelling plants, trees, and agricultural products. Similarly, within the gift and home décor industries, paper tags can be used to for labelling items, providing care instructions, or adding a personalised touch.

Paper tags are commonly used in morgues and funeral homes as toe tags, providing essential patient information for identification purposes.

While we have listed a few examples of industries where paper tags may be used, their versatility and usefulness in conveying information, facilitating organisation, and enhancing branding efforts lends well to any industry that can find application for paper tags.

What are the benefits of using paper tags as a business?

Paper tags offer a myriad of benefits which extend beyond their versatile functionality. They stand out as an eco-friendly choice which reduces waste, being both biodegradable and recyclable. Opting for environmentally conscious packaging materials like paper not only aligns with ethical practices, but also enhances a brand’s image, making it more appealing consumers who prioritise sustainability.

In addition to their eco-friendly nature, paper tags also bring cost-effective solutions to the table, providing an economical means of conveying essential information without the need for elaborate packaging materials. This is particularly advantageous for businesses looking to optimise their budget. When it comes to branding and customisation, paper tags provide an affordable way to incorporate branding elements, such as logos and company colours, making them a perfect fit for small business owners or those with budget constraints.

Customisation enables businesses to print specific details, including product information, pricing, and promotions, offering flexibility to adapt to changing market strategies. Ease of printing adds another layer of convenience, saving both time and resources compared to outsourcing printing tasks. Their versatility extends to promotional use, making them a great tool for businesses looking to engage in effective marketing and promotions.