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  • 100% recycled plastic, highly versatile storage solution
  • Easily nestable and stackable to conserve space
  • Extendable and retractable bale arms for ease when transporting
  • Ideal for use by supermarkets or at a pick and pack station

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Bale arm crates

What is a bale arm crate?

These boxes are made from durable black regran polymer and crafted into a wide tray-like structure for ease when carrying. They feature bale arms that fold out to be held when carrying goods or to enable stacking. This handle retracts back into the crate in order to be nested. These crates consist of lightweight plastic to ensure minimised strain when lifting products in addition to providing moisture resistance and hardwearing protection to the contents if placed on the ground.

What is a bale arm crate used for?

These crates have been specifically designed for use within supermarkets, although the potential applications are widespread due to the versatility of strong, stackable containers. Businesses within virtually any industry can benefit from storage solutions with a wealth of practical features to retain space and enable efficient transportation of products within a workspace. However, the small holes in the plastic provide ventilation ideal for keeping food fresh, hence the prominence of these crates in grocery sectors.

What are the structural benefits?

The bale arms feature is extremely simple to operate and grants the user the ability to easily hold and carry the crate. A dual-purpose element, it also permits the containers to be stacked when extended or nested within each other when the box is empty and the arms retracted. The wide construction distributes the weight of the contents across a larger area to help the user feel comfortable when lifting the box, though we also offer a deeper variety for when a larger volume of products need transporting. The ridged design enables smooth stacking for a convenient storage solution when filled with produce. The crates can also be neatly nested within each other due to this shape to conserve space when not in use. Formed from a strong polymer, these boxes are built to withstand heavy weights and water damage as a reliable all-round packaging product.

What varieties are available?

We offer a standard size that is 600 x 400 x 198mm alongside a deeper version that is 600 x 400 x 252mm. Within our product table, you can compare the pack volume dimensions against your requirements to ascertain which storage crate would be best for the needs of your business. The standard size has an impressive capacity of 20kg while the deeper version can carry 21kg; in both cases, this load is spread comfortably across the wide surface area.

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