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Plastic boxes and pallets

Plastic boxes and pallets

A versatile range of plastic boxes, totes and pallets, suitable for a wide range of industries including postal, storage, warehouse and retail. These unique products are designed to solve handling, storage and logistic problems within the supply chain.

Attached lid containers: Designed to provide safe, efficient handling and storage of goods, these reusable and robust attached lid plastic boxes are ideal for a range of industries. These are also commonly referred to as a tote box. Designed to provide safe, efficient handling and storage of goods our attached lid containers form the perfect reusable or multi-trip packaging solution. Stackable when full and nestable when empty, the innovative lid tessellation provides neater stacking, allowing for up to 10% greater vehicle fill and once empty and nested the lid design causes the lids to secure in a vertical line, meaning no lid overhang.

Plastic pallet boxes: Highly durable pallet boxes, created as an end-to-end transit system, eliminating the need for pallets or wooden storage crates. These are perfect for shipping and distribution. The patented design provides the perfect balance of carrying capacity and easy handling. They are designed to be lifted directly with the appropriate machinery, such as forklifts and pump trucks. The plastic pallet box can be used as an individual bulk storage container, but is even more efficient as an end-to-end transit system.

Plastic pallets: Nestable plastic pallets that are lightweight, reusable and long lasting. Plastic pallets are hygienic and do not generate debris or splinters.