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  • Cost-effective produce tray
  • 100% recyclable cardboard
  • RB flute corrugated material
  • Lightweight & stackable
  • Excellent solution for deliveries and retail
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    Cardboard delivery trays

    What is a delivery tray?

    These cardboard trays are easily assembled by simply folding along the scored lines, creating the edges from the flat-pack arrival. The corner panels then fold down to reinforce the edges, slotting into the allocated gaps to keep the structure strong. The partial top covering and four tabs enable smooth stacking with the tabs sliding into the slots present at the bottom of the layered box. Alongside the lightweight corrugated construction, there are two convenient holes at the sides to allow for comfortable handling. Four vents are present at the bottom of the tray for breathability if transporting products that would benefit from slight airflow.

    What are delivery trays used for?

    These trays are effective shelf organisers appropriate on shop floors within a range of retail sectors. They can also be used for deliveries or storing items within a warehouse, making them a versatile, multi-functional product. The corrugated cardboard is durable and benefits from an intelligent design that evenly distributes weight across the wide surface area in order to capably carry moderately heavy objects.

    Is corrugated cardboard environmentally friendly?

    In addition to providing durable strength, this corrugated board is widely recyclable kerbside. This method of disposal promotes a circular economy that doesn’t produce waste that contributes to landfill. Moreover, their hard-wearing construction encourages reusability to further conserve resources and protect our planet.

    What are the unique advantages?

    These trays are a low-cost way to display, store and transport goods. Produce can be taken directly from a warehouse or other form of storage facility to a retail shop floor without the need for unnecessary handling. This maximises efficiency, minimises the use of excess resources and generally streamlines logistic processes. The tabs and slots that enable stacking are a significant advantage that grants additional stability to trays of goods whether they are being stored or transported. With it's rigid construction these produce trays are apart to withstand 10kg of goods (evenly distributed). Though relatively simple in design, these elements are highly effective.

    The standard and smaller sizes can be used in conjunction with each other to increase the versatility of these trays further. Produce can be separated and stacked as required for your business thanks to the corresponding tabs and slots on both sizes.

    Video: Cardboard delivery trays demonstration video

    We sell the most popular size that are perfect for a variety of industries.

    They are easily constructed, lightweight and simple to stack.