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FIBC Bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags)

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  • FIBC bulk storage bags, made from woven polypropylene
  • Open top with a flat bottom base, ideal for bulky items
  • White in colour, to stand out on a busy building or construction site
  • Strong lifting loops at each corner, for easy transportation with a forklift or crane
  • Up to 1 tonne capacity


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FIBC Bulk Bag
900 x 900 x 900 mm
1000 Kg £5.35 £4.51 £3.93 £3.70 £3.20 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

FIBC Storage Bags

FIBC Storage Bags are known by a number of different names – the official abbreviation is ‘Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container’, however it is also known as a bulk bag, tonne bag or tote bag.

The large, industrial container is made using a flexible woven polypropylene that offers superior strength and tear resistance, but is also much easier to transport than a rigid container.

Because of its flexibility, it is best used for dry, flowing products including sand, gravel, soil, stones and other building materials. These bags are generally used for storing products, but can also be used for waste collection and transportation.

FIBC bags are not water-proof so please do not use to store liquids.

Kite’s FIBC Storage Bags

Our FIBC bags are white in colour, and 900 x 900 x 900mm in dimensions, large enough for storing a significant amount of industrial product. Ideal for the building, landscaping, construction and agricultural industries it is a great replacement for a skip or rigid storage container.

The bag has an open top so that products can be accessed easily, and a flat base so it will remain in place on a flat surface. The bags are incredibly robust, and although are intended for single-use can be reused for light-duty work.

To transport, each bag has four 30 cm lifting loops, made from the same sturdy material. These can be used manually, or looped on to a crane or forklift to transport across a busy site or warehouse.

The safe weight load is 1000kg (1 tonne) and it is recommended this weight is not exceeded.