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  • FIBC bulk storage bags and green waste bags made from woven polypropylene
  • Open top with a flat bottom base, ideal for bulky items
  • Strong lifting loops for easy transportation with a forklift or crane
  • FIBC bags hold up to 1 tonne, green waste bags have a capacity of 120 litres

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FIBC Bulk Bag

FIBC is short for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. These large, flexible containers are more commonly known as tonne bags, bulk bags, and dumpy bags and are used for storing and transporting dry, pourable products, such as sand, fertilisers, chemicals and other granular materials. They are known for their convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in handling bulk materials. Made from woven polypropylene fabric, our FIBC bags are available in various sizes and configurations, including with top skirts, fill and discharge spouts, and tunnel loops to suit different applications. Each bag has an in-house testing certificate (see link below) and a safe working load of 1000kgs. Popular uses of FIBC bags include handling and transporting various types of fertilisers in agriculture, and packaging and transporting materials such as cement, minerals and powdered metals in industrial applications. They can also be found in construction and landscaping, where FIBC bags are popular for storing and transporting aggregates such as sand, gravel and stones.

Check out our knives and cutters and steel twist wire ties - these pair well with FIBC bags with fill spouts. 

View the weight capacity certificate for FIBC bulk bags.

FIBC Bag with Tunnel Loops

Our FIBC bag with tunnel loops has internal dimensions of 750 x 850 x 950mm. Tunnel loops, which are fabric loops attached to the top corners of the bag, allow for easy handling and lifting of the bag using forklifts and cranes. These loops are made from the same material as the bag, ensuring durability and strength during lifting and transportation. They are stitched securely to the bag to withstand the weight of the contents, ensuring the bags can be moved safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of potential accidents and injuries.
View the weight capacity certificate for FIBC bags with tunnel loops.

FIBC Bag with Top Skirt & Discharge Spout

This FIBC bag with a discharge spout and top skirt has internal dimensions of 900 x 900 x 900mm. These bags are constructed with additional features to facilitate the easy filling and discharge of their contents. Located at the bottom, the discharge spout allows emptying of materials in a controlled and efficient manner. It can be opened and closed easily to regulate the flow of materials and is particularly useful for materials that need to be dispensed or unloaded precisely. The top skirt is positioned above the bag and provides additional protection and containment for the bag’s contents during filling and transportation. It offers reduced dust emissions, weather protection and spill prevention.
View the weight capacity certificate for FIBC bag with discharge spout & top skirt.

FIBC Bag with Fill Spout

Our FIBC bag with a fill spout has internal dimensions of 900 x 900 x 900mm. Located at the top, the fill spout provides a convenient opening for materials to be poured into the bag. By facilitating the easy and efficient filling of the bag, the fill spout reduces the amount of manual handling required and speeds up the process. Further to this, it also reduces the risk of spillages and dust emissions, ensuring little to no material loss along with weather protection.
View the weight capacity certificate for FIBC bag with fill spout

Jumbo Bag with Top Skirt & Discharge Spout

This FIBC jumbo bag has internal dimensions of 1000 x 1000 x 2000mm. Offering an extra layer of protection thanks its top skirt and spout, our jumbo bags ensure their contents are well contained during filling and transportation. The top skirt provides additional protection, helping to prevent damage or contamination, while the fill spout provides a convenient opening through which the bag can be loaded.
View the weight capacity certificate for jumbo bag with top skirt & discharge spout.

Baffle Bag with Fill Spout & Discharge Spout 

Internal dimensions of this bag are 1050 x 1050 x 1200mm. The baffle design refers to the presence of internal baffle or panels which are sewn into the corners of the bag to maintain its shape and stability when filled. As a result, they are safe from bulging or collapsing which maximises their storage capacity and improves their stability for transportation and stacking. The fill and discharge spouts aid organised flow of materials in and out of the bags.
View the weight capacity certificate for baffle bag with discharge spout & fill spout.

Are FIBC bags eco-friendly?

They are easy to recycle and, what’s more, all our FIBC bags contain 30% recycled polypropylene content, reducing the number of new plastics used in packaging materials.

What benefits do they offer?

FIBC bags are incredibly versatile containers that are suitable for storing a wide range of powders, granules and aggregates in bulk. Their reusability makes them a cost-effective choice for storage and transportation. When empty, FIBCs can be folded and stored compactly, saving valuable storage space that can be used for other functions.

Green waste bags

If you want the right quality bag for sorting through large amounts of outside waste, look no further than these green waste bags. Ideal for storing and transporting your garden, cardboard, paper waste from A to B, they are also one of the strongest bags on the market. They come complete with two flexible, sturdy carrying handles for easy manoeuvring and a third loop located across the base for straight-forward tipping and emptying.

Their hard wearing, reusable, robust woven polypropylene fabric makes them a reliable, heavy duty bag for those in the horticulture and agriculture industries as well as for warehouses. Whether you are a gardening business or warehouse operation looking for cost-effective, reusable waste bags for your team or a garden centre looking to store and transport products around the premises – these long-lasting bags will be sure to keep an outdoors work floor organised. UV stabilised for long life, they can be folded away for easy storage.

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