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Woven Polypropylene Sacks

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  • Strong woven sacks designed especially for heavy duty use
  • Made from polypropylene to give these bags extra robustness
  • Ideal for heavy or sharp items that typically burst through standard bags
  • The larger size bags are favoured by the building industry
  • White in colour
  • All 3 sizes are 850 Denier


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Opening Width x Length Bags Per Pack Price Per Bag Enter No. Of Bags
18 x 24 inches 100 15.4p 12.9p 11.0p 10.2p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units
20 x 30 inches 100 21.3p 17.8p 15.2p 14.0p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units
24 x 40 inches 100 32.3p 27.0p 23.1p 21.3p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units

Our woven sacks have been designed especially for heavy duty use, and are ideal for using in transit and as packaging for heavy items such as parcels, mail, soil and potatoes as well as sharp items that typically burst standard polythene bags such as building materials, rubble and metal.

Manufactured from polypropylene, which has an additional polymer in its compound to give robustness and resistance, these bags are incredibly strong and hard-wearing so can be re-used over and over again. The sacks also have a stitched seam which is typically associated with heavy duty packaging products, due to its ability to hold the product together under weight and pressure.

The sacks are white in colour and come in three different sizes to suit various applications. The largest size we carry, which is 24 x 40 inches, is favoured by the building industry. The sacks come in quantities of 100 per pack, and because of the bags industrial application these bags do not have an adhesive seal, and need to be closed using cable ties or staples.