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Refuse and rubble sacks

What is a rubble sack?

Rubble bags are defined by their extreme strength and ability to capably tackle important issues of waste management and aggregate disposal. As an example of this strength, our FIBC bags are woven polypropylene bulk storage bags able to hold a capacity weight of 1 tonne of materials.

What’s the difference between a rubble sack and a refuse sack?

Rubble sacks differ from refuse sacks by being considerably stronger to accommodate for the heavy and irregular shapes of bricks or rubble. The greater thickness prevents tears when handling heavy duty objects, whereas refuse sacks are made thinner to minimise plastic usage when carrying lighter materials. Refuse bags are suitable for general industrial and domestic use, though rubble bags are tailored toward specialist tasks such as those common in the building and construction industry.

What are rubble sacks used for?

Heavy duty rubble sacks are essential in the building, farming, construction and agriculture industries for general rubble storage and disposal purposes.

The FIBC and bulk bags are commonly used in building, construction and landscaping settings due to their impressive strength and durable lifting loops that allow for easy transportation by a forklift or crane. Our range of heavy duty rubble bags are very competitively priced, in keeping with Kite’s overall dedication to combining high quality with low costs.

The woven polypropylene sacks are primarily used for garden rubbish, bricks and rubble; they can be considered the ‘little brother’ of the FIBC sacks. Available in six sizes, they can cater toward different scaled projects.

For less heavy duty requirements, the polythene rubble sacks are economic choices that save considerable space with their thin, flat-packed structure. The tough 125 micron polythene is, however, more than sufficient for general rubble storage and disposal. Choose from grey, black or blue styles which each boast burst resistance for practicality and efficiency when in use.

The refuse sacks, or bin bags, we supply take care of general waste disposal at home, at work, in warehouses, offices and kitchens. With differing thicknesses to choose from as well as a choice of colours to help with the identification of different types of rubbish, Kite cover all possible requirements you may have from a refuse sack. We even supply refuse bags for wheelie bins or compactors.

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