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  • A range of specialist knives and cutters for various applications
  • Range includes a safety knife, box cutter and auto-retractable knives
  • Handy tools for use with packaging materials such as boxes and stretch wrap
  • Designed to be strong and durable
  • Spare blades also available on select knives

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We offer an extensive range of specialist ergonomically designed knives and cutters, suitable for numerous applications. Our safety box cutter, snap off box cutter, heavy duty auto-retractable safety knife, right-handed retractable safety knife and left-hand retractable safety knife are created with your safety in mind, making them the ideal work tool. Designed to be strong and durable, these products are a handy tool to use with packaging materials such as boxes and stretch wrap.

Kite knife

Our compact knife specialises in precision thanks to its strong, serrated edge. This enables the user to cleanly cut handles into a box, for example, which would not be easily achieved with other knives intended for simply cutting straight lines.

Auto retractable knives - left and right handed

Our range of auto-retractable knives are the perfect solution and available for left and right-handed users and are suitable for use as cardboard box openers, slicing adhesive packaging tape and thick plastic along with being ideal to cut through plastic straps, such as polyester strapping. Not only are they efficient and practical, the auto-retractable feature also makes them a safe option.

Safety box cutter

Our safety box cutter is designed with a cover cap to contain the hook blade and a moulded handle to comfortably fit in the hand to improve grip and stability. As well as all the safety benefits, this knife has a variety of uses. Its guarded blade works effortlessly through stretch film, polythene, plastic strapping and bubble wrap.

Snap-off knife

Our multi-use knife with an 18mm snap-off blade features an 18mm lockable blade meaning you can lock it in position until you are finished using it and then lock it back down. It also includes a snap-off blade, ensuring efficient cutting without the need for sharpening. Spare blades are available for this knife.

Heavy duty auto-retractable safety knife

A handy tool to have for general warehousing use and cutting thicker materials, our heavy-duty knife is the ideal tool for any warehouse. With an auto-retractable blade, this significantly reduces the chance of injury as once you have finished using the knife and take the pressure off, the blade will retract back into the knife. We supply spare blades for this knife.

What is the difference between auto-retractable and retractable?

The difference between auto-retractable and retractable is auto-retractable knives will retract when contact with the cutting surface is lost whereas a retractable knife will stay out until you manually retract it back in. Spare blades are available for our range of auto-retractable knives.

Spare blades

We supply spare blades for our snap-off knife. The blade features 8 separate snap-off sections, making a quick solution for when it goes blunt. We also stock spare blades for all of our auto-retractable knives, including our metal heavy duty and both left/right handed designs.