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  • Sturdy rubble sacks – also known as ‘builders sacks’, made from a strong LLDPE material
  • Most popular in the building, landscaping, and construction industry
  • Excellent tear resistance for sharp and heavy objects
  • Available in black, blue and grey
  • Manufactured from a recycled material, so less harmful to the environment


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Internal Dimensions
Thickness Sacks Per Pack Price Per Sack Enter No. Of Sacks
20 x 30 inches
125 micron 100 17.5p 14.9p 14.0p 13.4p 11.5p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units
20 x 30 inches
125 micron 100 17.9p 15.6p 15.2p 14.6p 13.6p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units
22 x 34 inches
125 micron 100 20.2p 17.2p 16.8p 16.1p 15.4p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units

Rubble Sacks

Specially designed to suit the building, construction and landscaping industry, rubble sacks – or ‘builder’s sacks’ as they are sometimes known are highly tear resistant bags made from LLDPE recycled material.

Often used in replacement of skips, when space is limited on a building project or site access is restricted, they can be used to collect a multitude of industry wastes including timber, plaster, landscaping waste and broken bricks.

Rubble sacks are a clean and efficient way of clearing debris, and safely deposing of waste, because they are highly burst resistant – and reduce risk of sharp objects causing harm on site.

They can also be used for transporting materials to projects and around sites – such as gravel, sand, stones and concrete.

Kite’s Range Of Rubble Sacks

We supply rubble sacks in pack quantities of 100, making them ideal for commercial use in various labouring industries including building, construction, landscaping, tree surgery and interior design.

All of our rubble sacks are made from a nominal 125 micron recycled LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene), and are super-strong so that they can be reused.

We sell rubble sacks in three different colours, with two size variants. See below for more information.

Black and Blue Rubble Sacks

Our black and blue coloured rubble sacks measure 20 inches (width) x 30 inches (length), and manufactured from a heavy duty 125 micron LLDPE material.

Grey Rubble Sacks

These sacks are slightly bigger than our blue and black versions, measuring 22 inches (width) x 34 inches (length) and manufactured from the same heavy duty material.