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  • High-clarity, lightweight polythene bags for small goods
  • 80 gauge thick (20 micron) for high clarity and protection against dirt and moisture
  • Non-toxic polythene
  • Suitable for use with heat sealing for a secure, professional finish
  • Available in a range of sizes, from 6" to 48" in length
  • LDPE material containing 30% recycled content
  • Dimensions: width (opening) x length
    Subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5%. Consider including some tolerance or choosing a bag one size larger so goods fit as expected within the bags.

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What is a polythene bag?

This type of lightweight polythene bag is 80 gauge thick (20 micron) and designed to protect items against dirt and moisture. With three sealed sides and the other end left open to be filled, these bags are intended to be secured with a heat sealer at a customisable length, although, as shown, the end can also be twisted and fastened with a neck tape. The products are manufactured from safe, non-toxic polythene, enabling them to be used for a range of different applications.

What sizes of polythene bags are supplied?

We offer 15 different sizes of these staple packaging products with their sizes in the table relating to the internal dimensions of the bags in order of width (opening) x length. There is a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5% in relation to these dimensions. As a result, we recommend including some tolerance when selecting your bag or choosing a size larger than your required measurements to ensure that the goods fit as expected.

What can a light duty polythene bag be used for?

Kite’s light duty packaging bags are the most popular option for those requiring protection for small parts or clothing; due to the non-toxic composition. The fashion industry will place great importance on presentation and the visual aspects of a garment when it arrives with a customer. Therefore, ensuring protection against even specks of dirt is paramount, necessitating the use of products such as these polythene bags.

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Video: Light duty polythene bags demonstration video
How to use and seal light duty clear polythene bags

Our light duty clear polythene bags are 20 micron, or 80 gauge in thickness.

All of our bags are supplied in an outer box, some come in a dispenser-style outer bag.

These bags are great for protecting small, lightweight items.

You can use various sealing methods to close them, including heat sealing and bag neck sealing tape.