Polythene bags (poly bags)

One of the most popular and economical forms of retail and industrial packaging, transparent plastic bags not only allow the contents to be visible to the customer, they provide hygienic protection against dirt, dust and moisture.

Kite Packaging stock a full range of clear polythene bags in a wide selection of sizes and gauges to suit a host of products and applications; all of our plastic bags are manufactured from high-quality materials yet available at the best possible prices - buy in bulk for the best possible savings!

Light duty polythene bags

Our 80 gauge / 20 micron clear poly bags are ideally suited for lightweight items such as clothing, instruction booklets, foodstuffs and soft toys. Available in numerous sizes from 4 x 6 inch small plastic bags all the way up to 30 x 38 inch extra large plastic bags, these lightweight polythene bags offer extremely high clarity.

Medium duty polythene bags

Our most popular clear plastic bags, 200 gauge / 50 micron poly bags provide superior tear and puncture resistance than our light duty plastic bags. Used throughout a range of industries including fashion, groceries, pet food and publishing, medium duty clear polythene bags can be quickly and effectively sealed using either a heat sealer or bag neck sealer.

Heavy duty polythene bags

Heavy duty 400 gauge / 100 micron polythene bags have a host of uses, from storing and protecting heavy hardware, to providing additional linings to cardboard boxes. Choose small plastic bags to bag up screws, nails, nuts and bolts without the risk of the bag splitting or tearing, and large heavy duty plastic bags to protect big, heavy objects.

Extra heavy duty polythene bags

Extra heavy duty 500 gauge / 125 micron polythene bags offer superior strength. The perfect addition to many work areas, these bags are the ideal solution when needing to pack heavier, bulky and sharper goods. These extra strong clear plastic bags are available in a range of sizes to suit any application.

Wicketed bags

Wicketed bags are our range of polythene bags supplied with an integrated wicket system This makes them simple to dispense and use, ideal in busy warehouse or retail environments where speed and efficiency are necessary. The bags themselves are made from a high quality 30 micron polythene.

Grip seal bags

We stock both plain and write-on grip seal bags to suit a wide range of purposes. Both made from 45 micron material, these strong, transparent bags are ideal for small to medium items. Protects against dirt and moisture, particularly useful for items kept in storage.