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Polythene bags (poly bags)

Clear polythene bags

What are polythene bags?

A popular and economical form of retail and industrial packaging, transparent bags not only allow contents to be visible, but they also provide hygienic protection against dirt, dust and moisture.

What duties do polybags come in?

Available in a wide range of duties from light to extra heavy duty, our range of polythene bags are suitable for a host of applications. The different microns available from 20 to 125 make them the ideal product for lightweight items such as clothing, booklets, toys and food whilst the higher microns make them suitable for items such as nails, bolts and when needed to pack heavy, bulky and sharp goods.

What are the different bag closure options?

Open ended: Open at one end and available in a range of different duties and sizes, these open top polybags are great for everyday use and reusable if required. One of the main benefits with open ended polythene bags is that you can secure it any way you require. For added security, they can be heat sealed using our range of heat sealers, or they can be secured with our range of cable ties, elastic bands and much more.

Seal-strip: Clear polythene bags with a self-adhesive seal strip are suitable for users who require a close top polythene bag. Popular within the wholesale and removals industry the seal strip will remain securely closed until opened. They are not a common reusable item due to the seal wearing off over time if repeatedly opened and closed.

Zip lock: Polythene zip lock bags are ideal for customers who are looking for a secure reusable closure or something a bit more presentable. The zip lock closure remains secure unless opened and is ideal for a perceived high-end feel. Due to the design, the zip lock can be used time and time again.

Grip seal: Grip seal polythene bags are easy to open when access is required. They are commonly used for food items as they are easy to get into and can be re-used again if required. The perceived appearance of a grip seal is less presentable to that of a zip lock and therefore is not often used for presentation retail but often instead in warehouses for storing items such as nuts and bolts etc.

Can you write on the bags?

The range as with most polythene materials can be written on with permanent markers, however, we do have a range of write-on-panel grip seal bags, specially designed for labelling.

How can ones without integrated closures be secured?

Our complete range of polythene bags can be used in conjunction with our range of heat sealers.

Do they come in a range of sizes?

Our range of polybags is suitable for a selection of products with a wide variety of sizes available, from as small as 38 x 64mm right up to 2220 x 990 x 940mm.