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Heat sealers

Heat sealers and bag sealing machines

We stock a selection of high-quality heat sealers to suit the needs of any business, basic to industrial heat sealers, tabletop heat sealers with cutters, to handheld heat sealers for poly bags.

We are packaging experts and are here to help. If you are considering purchasing heat sealers for packaging purposes but are unsure which heat sealer machine is right for you, check out our heat sealer guide.

What is a heat sealer?

Heat sealers (also known as bag sealers) are machines that are used to seal polythene and plastics and are available in a range of different sizes. The sealers are ideal for use on plastic tubing as they close off the edges, ensuring that the contents inside are protected. Use with layflat tubing to customise your own bag sizes.

Our entry-level basic heat sealers are a cost-effective solution and are available in 3 widths. The standard heat sealers that we sell is available in 3 different sizes and has been designed to work on a variety of films. We also provide hand held sealers which are popular due to their manoeuvrability and light-weight design.

A bag sealer is an invaluable tool that is used in almost every industry and we even find that it has become useful within the home. Our bag sealers are available in a range of different sizes that will suit individual needs.

All models of bag sealers work by being electronically controlled. The heavy duty plastic bag sealer is fitted with an electronic timer that maintains the consistent level of sealing. Once the controls have been automatically set, the sealing bars on the bag sealers will open and shut consistently.

Our range of continuous heat sealers are specifically for high volume, industrial use. Typically seen in manufacturing and production facilities these sealers have both desktop and floor standing models available. Offering high quality, fast, efficient and consistent heat sealing they are a great investment for any business looking to improve its sealing processes.