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  • Sanstrap bands are designed to help stabilise and secure pallets of goods
  • Quickly grips in to place to secure products in transit and storage
  • Great elastic strength for outstanding pallet stability
  • Cost-effective solution to alternatives, 100% recyclable
  • The perforated bands come in an easy to dispense box

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Sanstrap pallet stabilising bands

Produced from 100% recyclable 40 micron PE film, our range of Sanstrap pallet stabilising bands are the ideal solution for securely banding pallets. They have great elastic strength that gives outstanding stability, keeping products secure whilst in transit or storage.

The polythene Sanstrap bands quickly grip once in place, being sure to hold everything firmly. The band can easily be adjusted once on, enabling the user to get the desired fit and will not damage goods. It is advised to use one band for each pallet layer.

Quick and easy to use, the bands come perforated on a roll in an easy to use portable dispenser box, simply tear off and fit around the load. A cost-effective solution to alternative stabilising products. 1 box is 100 bands. 100mm x 1200mm per band.

Video: Sanstrap pallet bands demonstration
How to use our pallet stabilising bands and what they can be used for.

Our pallet stabilising bands are designed to be stretched around pallets, keeping them secure during transit and storage. The bands come in a portable dispenser box and are made with perforations, a simple pull and tear design. Simply pull the band from the box, tear and prestretch approx. 40cm. Open the band to form a loop, and begin to place on the pallet. Carefully pull the band over the band and adjust if necessary. Use as many bands as required, but it is suggested one for each layer.