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  • Rubber elastic bands ideal for binding and storing a range of items
  • High latex content meaning they can be used over and over again
  • Produced from natural rubber and are natural in colour
  • Available in a range of different sizes, including thick heavier duty bands
  • Sold in 454g bags

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Rubber elastic bands

Kite’s rubber elastic bands are available in a range of different sizes and are ideal for a range of industries and uses. Whether it’s using the smaller sizes to bind documents or the larger heavier duty bands to bind bulkier items, they are suited for holding multiple objects together whether in storage or transit. All sizes are long-lasting, strong and can be used time and time again.

Our rubber bands are sold in a range of industry-standard sizes and as 454g bags. Each band is made from natural rubber and is natural in colour. Perfect to be used in conjunction with our round and triangular postal tubes when binding files.

  • 1.5mm-3mm rubber bands are light to medium duty, ideal for small products such as paper, documents and flyers.
  • 3mm-9mm rubber bands are medium to heavy duty, ideal for holding together items such as plastics and file folders.
  • 9mm-16mm rubber bands are heavier, strong enough to hold together items such as woods, thick papers, wires and more.

Please note that the length is the flat, un-stretched dimension of the band; this does not refer to the diameter or circumference.

Size Approximate bands per pack
1.5 x 25 mm (size 8) 3500
1.5 x 35 mm (size 10) 2500
1.5 x 51 mm (size 14) 2300
1.5 x 89 mm (size 19) 1500
1.5 x 100 mm (size 22) 940
1.5 x 150 mm (size 24) 580
3 x 76 mm (size 32) 700
3 x 100 mm (size 34) 450
3 x 160 mm (size 38.5) 350
6 x 50 mm (size 61) 500
6 x 100 mm (size 65) 300
6 x 160 mm (size 69) 170
9 x 50 mm (size 71) 350
9 x 150 mm (size 79) 110
12 x 150 mm (size 89) 85
16 x 200 mm (size 108) 45

Video: Rubber Bands
See our range of elastic rubber bands and how they can be used

Choose from 6 different industry standard sizes. Perfect addition to any business when binding items to keep them safe and secure.