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Cable ties

Cable ties

Cable ties are one of the most versatile sealing products on the market. As leading UK packaging suppliers, we offer one of the largest selections of cable ties online; a full range of zip ties in a variety of colours, materials and sizes to suit all domestic and industrial applications.

Plastic cable ties

Consisting of a strong nylon tape with integrated gear rack and ratchet, plastic zip ties are the most common form of cable tie. Our nylon cable ties are available in a range of lengths, widths and colours, including long cable ties and large cable ties. Plastic cable ties have a range of uses from sealing bags to binding and organising cables or temporary repairs.

Steel twist wire ties

Steel twist ties are ideal for sack tying, frequently used in both the packaging and agricultural industry. Quick to apply using a wire tie tool, twist sack ties are an efficient, cost effective way to secure polythene, hessian or paper sacks. Steel twist wire ties offer heavy duty securing, whilst PVC coated twist ties not only seal but also protect the product being sealed.

Security seals

Security seals provide tamper evident features when sealing and securing bags, boxes, containers or sacks. A particular feature of this range is sequential numbering that provides additional tracking and managing of secured goods. We offer 3 varieties of security seals - standard, tear-off and attached lid container seals. All are manufactured from high quality polypropylene and the only way to remove the seal is to cut or break it, indicating that the goods are unsecured.