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  • Range of hand-held manual tools and accessories for steel strapping
  • Tools available as separate ‘tension tool’ and ‘sealing tool’, or as a 'combi tool'
  • Tensioning tool to suit 13-19mm steel strapping
  • Sealing tools for 13mm, 16mm and 19mm width strap
  • Kite and Premium combination tool, to tension and seal in single operation
  • Safety cutter designed to safely cut steel strapping off the coil
  • Order a dispenser trolley to make your strapping process more efficient

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Strapping tools

The correct application of ribbon wound steel strapping (also known as 'banding') is essential when securing very heavy, irregular shaped or sharp-edged loads. We supply one of the best ranges of steel strapping tools on the market to ensure that your strap is both tensioned and sealed correctly around your products.

Tensioning tools

Hand tensioning tools provide a quick and simple way of applying tension to your steel strapping to make sure it stays tight and secure around your products or pallets. Tensioning tools are used in conjunction with a manual sealing tool.

Our tensioner is designed for use on flat and level surfaces and will work whether you are applying the tension in either a horizontal or vertical position. The strapping ends are simply fed into the tool, with the tension being applied manually via the tools handle. Once the full and correct tension has been applied and the goods are securely strapped our hand sealing tools apply a metal seal to the tightened strap to hold it securely in place.

Sealing tools

Our range of manual sealing tools allows you to securely apply a seal to your tightened strapping, making sure it holds the strapping in place under tension. Steel strapping hand sealing tools from Kite are used in tandem with our tensioning tool and snap-on seals. We supply individual tools for the width of strapping you are using (13mm, 16mm, 19mm).

Combi tools (combination tensioning and sealing tools)

For customers applying steel strapping continuously, good efficiencies can be found in using a single tool to carry out the functions of tensioning, sealing and cutting steel strapping. Easy to use and quicker than separate tension and sealing tools, our combination tools can be used on a flat surface.

These tools increase efficiency within the workplace - no seals are required, which helps save money. Choose from our robust, economically priced Kite combination tool or our premium combination tool. Our Kite tools are available in 3 different widths, whereas our premium tool can be used for all widths, 13-19mm.

Steel strapping safety cutter

This tool has rubber pads on each side of the cutter to help prevent the steel strapping from springing when it is cut.

Ribbon wound steel strapping dispenser

Our steel strapping dispenser trolley allows your strap to be moved quickly, easily and safely around your warehouse or despatch operation. This is particularly useful where steel strapping is being applied in multiple locations, requiring users to be mobile.