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  • Ribbon wound and oscillated strapping used for securing very heavy loads for safe handling and transportation
  • High tensile strength for added security
  • Ideal for strapping sharp-edged or irregular shaped loads
  • Ribbon wound on the coil for ease of storage and handling, oscillation wound – carrying more meterage on the coil
  • Favoured strapping solution of the building and construction industries
  • Please note strapping on each oscillation wound coil is subject to a +/- 10% tolerance

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Steel strapping

We supply steel strapping in the 3 most popular widths on the market, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm wide. The thickness of the strap itself, on all 3 widths of strapping, is 0.5mm thick. Also, with a variety of breaking strains, there is a strapping in our range to suit all possible applications.

Popular with the building and export industries, steel strapping is used where very heavy or sharp-edged loads require securing. As opposed to polypropylene strapping, which may not prove as robust where sharp or protruding edges are apparent, steel strapping gives extra strength and security.

Ribbon wound steel strapping

Ribbon wound steel strapping from Kite Packaging is a popular method of strapping and securing heavy, sharp-edged or irregular loads. The material itself is cold rolled steel. The description “ribbon wound” refers to the method by which the strap is wound into a coil. The steel strap is wound so that each layer of strapping is wound directly over the one below. This means that the width of the coil, when measured, is the same exact width as the strapping itself.

The advantage of buying ribbon steel strapping coils that are made this way is improved safety and storage. Each ribbon steel strapping coil is supplied in a tightly packed corrugated outer. This makes the strapping itself safe and easy to handle and carry. Available as single reels or as pallet loads.

Oscillated wound steel strapping

With its remarkable strength and durability, this oscillated steel strapping is a very useful contender in the world of securing pallets. When it comes to more challenging loads, the steel material of this form of strapping offers exceptional support and binding of medium to heavy duty goods and will be sure to help prevent any movement in transit. It is commonly used for securing heavy palletised loads, plywood cases and sharp-edged objects.

Our oscillated strapping is a particularly cost-effective form of strapping as it is supplied on an oscillation wound, also known as a mill wound. This method keeps costs down as it carries more meterage on each coil in comparison with a regular ribbon wound strapping. Each layer has multiple windings of strapping across its 63.5mm core width, making it a cost-effective purchase for a wide range of businesses. Available as full pallets of 600kgs.

What is the difference between ribbon wound and oscillation mill wound coils?

Ribbon wound coil is wound so that each layer sits on top of the one beneath. Oscillated, however, is oscillated uniformly across the width of the core so therefore has more depth to it.