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Custom Logo Printed Stretch Wrap (20 micron white)

  • Stretch wrap printed with your own message or company logo.
  • No origination or artwork cost.
  • Printed on 20 micron white Stretch wrap
  • Complete the order form below and submit your artwork.
  • An artwork proof will be raised by our team and emailed to you.
  • Review & approve artwork proof we supply.
  • Delivery will be approx 7-8 weeks from approval of artwork.
  • See below for technical diagrams.
Mini Stretch Film Hand Stretch Film Machine Stretch Film
Number of
2160 Rolls Per Pallet 360 Rolls Per Pallet Approx 750Kg Per Pallet
Price Per Roll
Price Per Roll
Price Per KG
1 Pallet 2 Pallet 5 Pallet 1 Pallet 2 Pallet 5 Pallet 1 Pallet 2 Pallet 5 Pallet
1 Colour £1.74 £1.61 £1.53 £10.91 £10.20 £9.64 £3.81 £3.55 £3.38
2 Colour £1.96 £1.81 £1.71 £11.69 £10.83 £10.20 £4.10 £3.77 £3.56
3 Colour £2.23 £2.02 £1.90 £12.72 £11.61 £10.81 £4.51 £4.06 £3.77
1. What stretch do you want to order?

2. How many colours are in your logo?

The print of your logo can contain one, two or three different colours. This does not include white as that is the colour of the Stretch itself.

3. How many pallets you want to order?

4. Upload your artwork
We need you to upload a copy of your artwork. To do this you will need to save the artwork to your computer, click the "Browse" button below, navigate to the file on your computer and finally click the "Open" button to select the file. Maximum file size 10mb


Product Information

Pallet wrap (also known as stretch wrap and stretch film) remains the most popular (and most cost effective) method of securing and stabilising goods for storage and transportation. For Kite Packaging, this has long been one of our most popular selling product groups for reasons of high quality materials, excellent range of available types and all at very competitive prices.

As a company who has grown from zero and established, over the years, one of the highest regarded brands in our market we know first-hand the power and potential of well executed branding.

For companies transporting products via road, air or sea, using pallet wrap to secure goods, we offer a highly effective but low cost method of improving your brand visibility – by printing your company logo onto the stretch wrap. We offer the 3 most popular types of stretch wrap, all manufactured in high quality white film. This not only gives a strong, clean and sterile look to your protected goods, it also helps your logo to stand out.

Types of printed stretch film available from Kite Packaging.

Mini-rolls. Our mini-hand rolls have the following measurements. 100mm wide x 150mtrs long. 20 micron thick

  • Ideal for wrapping and securing small items that require bundling together.
  • Film applied with a hand film dispenser for quick and easy application
  • On the example below the website logo has dimensions of 140mm long, 20mm high and has been rotated 23.5 degrees.

Hand stretch film Hand stretch wrap measures 500mm wide x 250mtrs long. 20 micron thick.

  • Applied by hand or with a hand roll dispenser. Used for securing pallets for storage or transportation
  • On the example below the website logo has dimensions of 140mm long, 20mm high and has been rotated 30 degrees.

Machine Film. Machine rolls are 500mm wide x 1250mtrs long. 20micron thick. 150% yield.

  • Applied with an automated stretch wrapping machine where high volumes are required.
  • On the example below the website logo has dimensions of 140mm long, 30mm high and has been rotated 30 degrees.


Video: Custom Printed Stretch Demonstration
How to use custom printed stretch to add your own branding and logos to packaging