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  • Hand pallet wrap dispenser for quick and easy stretch wrapping and mobile dispenser trolley
  • Hand dispenser suitable for 400mm-500mm roll width and core diameter size of 38 - 50mm
  • Pallet wrap dispenser trolley suitable for all common hand-applied stretch wraps
  • Coreless pallet wrap dispenser ideal for our pallet wraps that feature no cardboard or extended cores
  • All dispensers require minimal assembly with quick roll changes
  • Hand dispenser features comfortable handles and robust design, ideal for medium duty use

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Hand dispenser

Regular pallet wrapping can be tough on the hands, so we offer a simple yet effective solution that can make the whole operation faster, smoother and less stressful. Our cleverly designed hand pallet wrap dispenser can be used time and time again thanks to its comfortable handles.

The stretch film dispenser is suitable for use with 400-500mm rolls with 38mm or 50mm cores, and is an affordable alternative to sore hands. Because of the increased speed of usage, a hand pallet wrap dispenser can make it far easier to prepare even the largest consignments. This handy tool is robust and suitable for medium duty use. It requires minimal assembly out of the box and roll change is quick and simple. The twist grip handle keeps the roll secure and allows you to adjust tension whilst wrapping.

Recommended for use with our standard hand pallet wrap.

Pallet wrap dispenser trolley

This innovative trolley is designed to make transporting rolls of stretch wrap quick and easy. Tough and durable, this mobile trolley can hold up to 6 rolls of individual wrap, ideal for use with all common hand pallet wraps. Featuring a tilted handlebar for ease of use, 2 sturdy wheels and 6 prongs, simply slip on the desired amount of rolls, transport and remove when needed. Perfect for warehouse and factory use.

Recommended for use with our hand pallet wraps.

Coreless hand pallet wrap dispenser

Wrapping pallets by hand can often be a time consuming and uncomfortable process. With our coreless hand pallet wrap dispenser users can now effectively and efficiently wrap pallets, as the unique design ensures users have something to grip onto, enabling them to not only save time but more importantly reduce health and safety concerns.

This simple yet effective lightweight design comes as two parts. Place each part at either end of the coreless pallet wrap and slot together. Once secured together, hold as you would hand pallet wrap and begin to wrap. During the wrapping process, the yellow ends that the hands are gripped onto will remain still and the green internal mechanism will support in rotating the pallet wrap around whilst the user pulls, therefore enabling users to wrap the pallet faster and more comfortably.

Video: How to use our coreless pallet wrap dispenser
Assemble and use the coreless pallet dispenser
Our coreless dispenser is simple and easy to use. To use with 400mm rolls, remove one of the blue tubes, for 500mm rolls, keep them both on. Simply insert the ends into the roll and firmly push the ends together. Hold the two yellow ends of the dispenser, the video shows the internal green core rotating and releasing pallet wrap as its being pulled without any contact with hands. The dispenser makes it easier to wrap pallets, eliminating injury to hands and speeding up process/time the user is bent down. Shown on the video, as the user walks around the pallet, the wrap dispenses effortlessly. It creates a clean, efficient wrap to ensure goods are protected and secure.

Video: How to assemble and use our hand pallet wrap dispenser
Demonstration showing the unboxing, assembly and use of our hand pallet dispenser.
When applying pallet wrap to this dispenser, twist the handle anti-clockwise to release the tension and clockwise to lock.

Note how much easier this is compared to using no dispenser or extended core rolls.