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  • Manual system that applies stretch film around pallets just like a machine
  • 40% faster than wrapping by hand
  • Roping device to ensure maximum load stability
  • No bending or stretching required when wrapping, therefore reducing fatigue
  • High performance/puncture resistant film
  • Ensures pallets are uniformly wrapped and less film is wasted

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Stretch Safe machine

The Stretch Safe machine is a manual mobile wrapping system, offering all of the versatility that the traditional fixed station systems cannot give. Designed to wrap any pallet under 2 metres in any part of the warehouse, users just need to ensure they have 600mm of space around the pallet. The mobile system can wrap any pallet load or object which needs to be protected by stretch film in any location. Can wrap up to 60 pallets per hour.

Easy to load and set up, the wrapping system does not require much effort at all. Simply push from behind and control the height of the wheel carrier with the handle on the left grip. The tension control allows users to consistently wrap pallets and the machine has shown a 40% time saving compared to the traditional method of hand wrapping.

The roping device narrows the film until a rope is created, ensuring the pallet is secured from the top and bottom, and the cutting device allows users to simply cut the film once finished.


The mobile pallet wrapper is used with an exclusive stretch film developed by Kite specifically for use with the Kite mobile pallet wrapper system.

  • High performance film
  • 500mm x 2039m, clear wrap
  • 60% stretch to give over 3000 metres of film
  • High puncture resistance
  • High holding force

Save over 5% with the Stretch Safe bundle: 1 x machine, 10 x rolls of Stretch Safe 8 micron high-performance film. See more info in table.

Video: Stretch safe machine
Watch our demonstration on the Stretch Safe machine.

This manual wrapping machine is easy to load and set up. It can wrap any pallet or object that needs to be protected and secured by stretch film.