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5x5 Nano Pallet Wrap & Dispenser

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  • Used to apply hand stretch film around pallets
  • Ergonomically designed to improve comfort and efficiency of wrapping
  • Operator walks forwards improving wrapping speed
  • No bending or stretching required when wrapping so reduce fatigue
  • Ensures pallets are uniformly wrapped and less film is wasted
  • The 5x5 dispenser supplied at a low cost rental fee. Click here for details


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5x5 Nano Hand Stretch Dispenser

Description Rolls Per Pack Price Per Roll Quantity Enter No. Of Rolls
Rental For A 5x5 Nano Hand Stretch Dispenser 5x5 Nano Hand Stretch Dispenser
Used to apply 5x5 hand stretch film around pallets
No bending or stretching required
1 £50.00
Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

Rolls of 5x5 Nano Pallet Wrap

Description Rolls Per Pack Price Per Roll Quantity Enter No. Of Rolls
5x5 Nano Pallet Wrap - Clear, 500mm x 500m - Pack of 18 Rolls 5x5 Nano Pallet Wrap - Clear
500mm x 500m
18 £10.26 £8.59 £7.48 £6.48 Remove 18 unitsAdd 18 units
5x5 Nano Pallet Wrap - Black, 500mm x 300m - Pack of 18 Rolls 5x5 Nano Pallet Wrap - Black
500mm x 300m
18 £7.36 £6.11 £5.37 £4.65 Remove 18 unitsAdd 18 units

5x5 pallet wrap dispenser

The 5x5 pallet wrap hand dispenser system is an innovation in wrapping technology from Kite Packaging. Using a patented design our 5x5 hand dispenser provides ‘machine technology in the hand’. With a wide range of benefits, for customers who wrap pallets with hand stretch wrap, this system is the next generation in stretch wrapping technology.

The 5x5 dispenser is supplied on a £50 (per unit) rental basis, applied when the product to your shopping basket. The customer is required to use Kite’s exclusive 5x5 hand stretch film. An agreement form will be sent to you covering all aspects of the rental. Once we receive back the signed agreement from you, your order will be processed for dispatch.

Ergonomic design

The 5x5 is used with one hand and is designed to allow the operator to walk forwards around the pallet to dispense the film in a natural position with no bending or stretching required, thus reducing the risk of any health and safety issues.

Optimum wrapping

The 5x5 incorporates a series of pre-stretch gears within the dispenser meaning the film dispenses at the optimum elastic point. This minimises the risk of over-stretching (which can lead to the stretch film breaking or under-stretching (which means more film is being used than necessary and no cost benefit is achieved).

Health and safety:

  • No bending or stretching required
  • Walk forwards and not backwards
  • Reduce the likelihood of pallets collapsing during transit or on an operator
  • Reduce stress through the back by 50%

Hand film for the 5x5

The 5x5 system is used with an exclusive hand stretch film, developed by Kite Packaging specifically for use on this dispenser. Utilising Nano-film technology to deliver improved performance and quality, the film can only be used with the Kite Packaging 5x5 dispenser.

High grade black hand stretch film

  • Ideal for security
  • Opaque
  • Superior holding force

High grade clear hand stretch film

  • High grade Nano quality
  • Superior holding force
  • Reduced consumption

5x5 Dispenser – Terms & Conditions

  • Kite agrees to rent 5x5 dispenser (“the Equipment) to the Customer for a period of not less than 12 months (“the Period”) for use at the Customer’s address
  • Kite agrees to ensure that the Equipment is maintained at Kite’s cost for wear and tear but not damage caused by misuse.
  • The Customer agrees to only use film supplied by Kite.
  • Rental Charge:
    • A £50 rental charge per 5x5 dispenser(s) will be invoiced by Kite on dispatch to the Customer.
  • The Customer accepts that ownership of the Equipment remains with Kite and that each 5x5 dispenser has a value of £150 per unit (the insurance value) which they are liable to pay Kite should they lose or damage the unit.
  • The Customer agrees:
    • Not to move the Equipment away from the Site Address
    • Not to make any changes or modifications to the Equipment
    • To only use the Equipment in accordance with Kite’s instructions and procedures
    • To maintain and look after the Equipment in a proper manner
    • To keep the Equipment insured for the Insurance Value against damage or loss for any cause
    • That Kite’s Standard Terms & Conditions apply to this transaction. A copy of these available on Kite’s website.