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We are a packaging company that wants people to use less packaging. Sounds odd, right? But it makes sense; more packaging does not equate to a safer or more stable transportation of your products and excessive material can harm our environment.

Conversely, Kite specialise in the conservative use of highly effective solutions, including performance films, for example. These products use less plastic than regular stretch films while exhibiting greater strength.

Our in-house load retention specialists can carry out a scientific audit of a business’s usage of pallet wrap and recommend improvements that typically result in a reduction of up to 30%. Material can frequently be conserved through operating pallet wrap machines more efficiently or regulating the application of film by introducing automation, in addition to considering a switch to performance films. Some of our industrial packaging machines are listed above, but for personalised advice specific to your business’s needs it is best to contact our team to arrange a free audit.

The following diagram illustrates the approach our engineers take when they arrive on your site:

pallet wrap audit pallet wrap audit