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New items
  • Unprinted white newspaper offcuts made from 45gsm paper, 100% recycled and recyclable
  • Commonly known as fish and chip paper
  • Low cost packing material, ideal for fragile products
  • Used to wrap a variety of items or for filling voids inside boxes
  • Please note there is a 10% tolerance on this product

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Newspaper offcuts

Strong, versatile and inexpensive packaging product ideal for packing and wrapping a wide range of goods. Most renowned as fish and chip paper, white news offcuts can also be used to safely package bottles and glassware, ornaments and crockery.

News offcuts are a clean, convenient and flexible packing material. Sold in large pack sizes with additional discounts offered on larger quantities, newspaper offcuts can also be used as an inexpensive void fill for your cartons and boxes.

View our void fill guide to compare news offcuts to other void fill material.

Technical information:

  • 2 sizes available 430mm wide x 510mm long and  510mm wide x 750mm long
  • Packed and priced for 10kg (approximately 930 sheets) or 12.5kg pack (approximately 650 sheets)
  • Made from 45gsm paper
  • 100% recycled and recyclable
Video: Paper news offcuts demonstration video
Demonstrating some of the uses of new offcuts.

Our news offcuts are supplied in reams of approximately 650 sheets, sealed in polythene for protection.

As the name suggests, it is the same material used to print newspapers, and is off-white in colour.

It is a low cost packing material ideal for wrapping and filling voids.